Chapter Twelve - Torture Room

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She had enough of his insult. If he really mean what he said then so be it. Furiously, she unzipped the zipper of her gown and it fell on her feet. Fighting her instinct to cover herslf and hide from the bed covers, she let go of her inhibitions. She walked straight to the open shower room.

She detested the person who designed this room!

How wild the interior designer's imagination to placed the shower and Jacuzzi at the center of the room. Everything essential were there, shower, sink, lavatory and towel racks except that the only wall constructed was the one where the shower head was attached. It was the suite's center of attraction.

She also hated the receptionist for choosing this room for them. It should be the bride and groom's suite, not theirs. If only they could trade rooms.

She looked back and their eyes met.

"I thought you wouldn't even stare at me even for just one second?" She asked mockingly. When she saw his eyes went down, she covered her chest with her right arm.

He didn't answer her. Sitting at the bed, Ethan stared at her intently. She felt her cheeks burned with the scrunity he was giving her.

"Stop staring!" She said in a commanding tone.

She panicked when she saw him stood up and walked straight to where she was standing. Immediately, she grabbed the towel and covered herself. Her mind's telling her to run but her feet was glued at the tiled floor,

With just feet away, Ethan stopped. He unbuttoned and unzipped his fly. Slowly he put his pants down.

"What do you think you're doing?" She asked while her other hand covered her lips.

Her stares locked 'there', at his thing. How did it...? When did it...? Why did he...? There's so many question in her mind she didn't know how to comprehend.

"I wanted to apologize for staring but I guess we are quits. Do you like what you saw?"

"Oh!" She exclaimed when she saw it... swear it got bigger.

Ethan chuckled. "I guess I was wrong. My body still reacts with the sight of you. We need to do something about it."

"No!" Tutol niya ng makita niya itong palapit sa kanya. Tatakbo sana siya palayo rito pero nagawa nitong mahawakan siya sa braso at napigilan ang tangka niyang pagtakas.

"Ayaw mo sa akin diba? Kaya hindi pwede!" Sinubukan niyang bawiin ang kamay niyang hawak nito.

Sa halip na bitawan ay hinila pa siya nito palapit sa katawan nito. Humakbang ito kasama siya habang nakahapit ang kamay nito sa bewang niya palapit sa shower.

"Bitawan mo ako!" Pagpupumiglas pa rin niya.

"Be still, huwag kang malikot." Ethan pinned her against the shower wall. He removed the towel from her body and threw it away. His eyes darkened when he surveyed her body.

"No! Pagkatapos mo akong insultuhin, now you want us to do this! Hindi ako papayag." With all her force she tried to free herself from his hold.

Idinikit ni Ethan ang katawan sa kanya ng subukan niyang tuhurin ito, which made it even worse for her. She felt his trobhing thing in her abdomen.

"It's not what you think." He said smiling. "This is what I am talking about."

"Ehhhh!" She screamed when he pulled her in an embrace and felt the cold water on her body. Automatically she wrapped her arms around him to lessen the chill she suddenly felt.

"Balewala ang pag-shower ko kung yayakapin mo lang din pala ako."

When she raised her eyes and saw his burning stare, she immediately step back and crossed her hands across her chest.

"Well, hindi mo naman kasi sinabi na gusto mo pa lang mag-shower eh di sana nauna ka na lang. Bakit kailangan na sabay pa tayo?" Galit na sabi niya rito. "And you also wet my panties."

"Really?" Mapanuksong niyuko siya ni Ethan. "I wet your panties?"

"Bastos! Ang ibig kong sabihin nabasa ang panty ko kasi bigla mong binuksan ang shower. Dapat sinabi mo sa akin."

"Para ano? Para mahubad mo?" Ethan brows crossed.

"Oo, ano ngayon ang ngayon ang gagamitin ko?" Malungkot niyang sabi.

"You are really teasing me huh!" Sabi ni Ethan bago humakbang palapit sa kanya.

Nakasandal na muli siya sa wall. Wala na siyang maatrasan. Humakbang pa ito palapit. Ang tanging nakapagitan na lang ngayon sa mga katawan nila ay ang mga braso niya.

"Don't accuse me of teasing you. I wanted to get my things but you didn't alow me. You're the one who insist that I used this damn shower. Ikaw din ang basta na lang lumapit sa akin at ang may gusto na sabayan akong maligo." She looked at him defiantly. "And I understood you clearly, ayaw mo na sa akin diba? Kaya hindi ko na ipagsisiksikan ang sarili ko sa iyo! If you don't want me. Maraming iba-"

Hindi na niya nagawang matapos ang gusto niyang sabihin dahil bumaba na ang mga labi ni Ethan sa mga labi niya at hinalikan siya ng mapagparusang halik.

His lips knew how to punish but at the same time pleasure. He expertly parted her lips and used his tounge to deepen their kiss. His tounge searched for its mate and play with it. He skillfully bit her lower lip and then sucked it afterwards.

When she felt his hand cupped her right breast and gently caressed the peak of it, she gasped in his mouth. His touch promised her pleasure and delight. Every inch of her was dying in anticipation.

Ethan had always been the conservative and reserved boyfriend. He would always stop whenever their kiss deepened or whenever he felt they going beyond what is right. But now, he's on the loose. She could feel his burning desire even though the cold water still running through through their bodies.

She opened her eyes when their lips parted.

"You are still my wife and I don't want to hear you say those words again. Kung marami kang ibang lalaki dati, ngayon na asawa mo ako. Ako lang." Ethan said before he carried her on his arms.

"Ethan!" Sigaw niya ng bigla siya nitong buhatin. Nagulat man ay naging mabilis na naipulupot niya ang kamay sa batok nito sa takot na ibagsak siya nito.

Hindi masyadong maingat na ibinaba siya nito sa kama at saka siya tinalikuran. Akala niya ay aalis na ito. Iyon pala ay kumuha lang ng twalya.

He joined her in bed. Once again, she saw his burning desires when his eyes travelled down her body. She tried to get up but his hand prevented her. He leaned and patted her wet body with the towel on his other hand.

Pakiramdam niya ay sinadya nito na hindi daanan ng twalya ang dibdib niya. Tinuyo lang nito ang balikat, braso at ang tagiliran niya. Napahinga siya ng malalim ng dumampi ang twalya sa tiyan at mga hita niya.

"Ethan, you don't want to do this. Ayaw mo na sa akin diba?" She nervously reminded him.

Upon hearing what she said, mabilis na tumayo ito at gamit ang parehong tuwalya ay nagpunas din ito ng katawan. Lumundo ang kama ng sumampa itong muli. This time he's leaning much closer to her.

"Noon pa man ayoko na sa iyo." Ethan words stabbed her heart.

"Damn you!" Sinuntok niya ito sa dibdib. "Hindi mo na kailangan na ulit-ulitin pa. If you don't want me then let me go!"

"Pero asawa na kita." Ethan held her hand and stared at her. "We are now making it official."

Then he claimed her lips and gave her an earth shattering kiss.

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