"Are you okay?" Katrina touched my forehead.

"I'm fine." I answered flatly.

"You don't sound like one." Katrina frowned. "I kept on hearing your sighs. What's wrong?"

Lazily, I leaned forward, put hand under my chin. We were in the school library. Staring at Katrina was like looking myself in the mirror. We looked exactly the same. So what did Ethan see in Katrina that he didn't see in me?

"Am I pretty?" I asked.

"Of course!" Katrina said in full conviction. "You are pretty, we both are."

"But how come he only sees you?"

"Are we talking about Ethan here?" Katrina smiled teasingly.

"No!" I answered abruptly.

"Oh, you're still going to deny it?! You're so obvious."

I rolled my eyes and returned my gaze to the book that I am trying to read.

"Why do you have to keep it from me? No secrets remember?" Katrina reminded her.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Dismissively, I said.

"Sure you do! He's always the topic of our conversation."

"Not my fault. you're the one who always brought him up." I blamed her.

"Because it's so obvious you have feelings for Ethan."

"Yes I do! I hate him." I sneered.

"You hate him on what grounds?" Katrina probed.

"No reason I just hate him."

"Hate is a strong emotion. You can never hate someone unless you care for that person." Katrina insisted. "Admit it you like him."

"No I don't! I don't like the way he treated me. He only talks to you and ignores me. I just don't get it why he likes you more than me."

"That's it! You hate him because you're jealous. You wanted his attention." Katrina uttered in excitement.

"I don't care if he likes you. It just sucks to know that even when I'm the only one who's with him, he still thinks of you. He confessed to me last week that he'll court you."

Katrina laughed.

"Stop laughing Kat, it ain't funny."

"Yes it is! I can't believe you actually fall for someone you just met two weeks ago."

"I am not falling for him." I stubbornly rebutted.

"Oh Kari. Continue to deny it and he'll be my first boyfriend." Katrina threatened her.

"No you won't!" I panicked.

The day after I went to Ethan's classroom, he started courting Katrina. Since then Katrina received either chocolates or stuff toy.

I'll distant myself whenever he'd joined us during our lunch breaks. I couldn't stand hearing their conversation. Although, secretly I watched them from a far. I could see how he stared and smiled at Katrina.

"Katrina."   A tall girl handed over a box of chocolates. "Ethan wanted me to give this to you."

"Oh thank you." Katrina smiled. "Wait what's your name again?"

"Mary Ann." The girl answered curtly.

"Where's Ethan?" I couldn't help but asked.

"Yes where's he?" Katrina echoed me.

"Nahihirapan-" Mary Ann stopped. "The guards are more vigilant now. It's harder for him to get through them."

"Ahh... I see." Katrina said.

I saw her sister wrote something on a post it.

"I know this is too much but could you please give this to Ethan." Katrina folded it before she gave it to Mary Ann. "Thank you. I really appreciate your kindness."

Mary Ann nodded and without a word, walked away.

"What did you write?" Curiously I asked.

"I asked him on a date." Katrina said casually before she handed me the chocolate. "Since you said you don't like him why don't I give him a chance."

It was a box of white chocolate truffles, my favorite.

I put it aside. "Okay fine I admit at first I am insulted by the way he ignores me. I am also curious why he liked you more. But when I went to his classroom and he introduced me to his classmates as his girlfriend. I liked it. My heart skipped beating when he held my hand. He didn't let it go not until we reached the elevator. Then I realized I liked the feeling of having him near me."

"Oh, oh! My sister's in love." Katrina teased

She sighed. "This is just infatuation, it'll pass. Still, don't entertain him. How mean of you to ask him out. What were you thinking?" Annoyingly, I asked.

"You!" Katrina answered. "Why do you think Ethan keep on giving me white chocolate truffles? Because I told him so. I know it's your favorite so I lied. Told him, I love it though I prefer dark chocolates."

"What are you saying? You would let me have the chocolates so I would allow you to go out with him. No way!"

"I love you that much sis, I wouldn't let anyone especially a boy to come between us. I am not going out with him." Katrina smiled. "You are."

"Me?!" I uttered in surprise.

"Shhhhh." The students around them chorused,

I forgot we were in the library.

"Are you insane? Ayawko!" In a low voice I said her favorite tagalog word.

"You would go with him or I will. You decide." Katrina threatened me.

Definitely, I wouldn't let Katrina go out on a date with Ethan!

Sweetest Lie (PUBLISHED BY PSICOM)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!