"Katrina! Katrina!"

I heard someone's calling my sister's name. I ignored it at first then I felt a hand on my elbow and had no choice but to look back.

My eyes met a lustrous hazelnut eyes.

"I think you forgot something." He said smiling while he showed me a book.

One quick look at the book and I returned my eyes on his. I am drawn to his eyes, it's like a box of chocolates.

"Oh, thank you." My sister answered and took it.

He looked at Katrina but his hand was still on my elbow. "You're welcome. I'm Ethan. You must be Karina."

"No, I'm Katrina." My sister corrected him. "And this is Karina."

"Oh." When he looked at me again, his eyes lost its luster. He also let go of my elbow. "I'm sorry." He apologized.

"No it's okay. It happens all the time." Finally I found her tongue. There's something about him that made me speechless. I'd rather stared than talk.

"Yah, I've heard. Marami daw ang nalilito sa inyong dalawa. Now I know why, lalo na pala sa malapitan, magkamukhang-magkamukha kayo."

His eyes now focused at Katrina. He never glanced at me again. I wondered why. He should have look at both of us when he said those remark?

"Sorry but no tagalog words please." I said smiling. "We understand few basic words but we cannot comprehend a phrase much more of a sentence. Also my sister here gets suspicious that some might be actually saying bad things about us that we didn't even know."

"Kari," Katrina reprimanded me with her gaze. "Do you really need to mention that?"

"My mistake I apologize, I should have known better you've grew up in the States. But the school year was almost over, how are your grades in Filipino?" Ethan asked.

Still, his eyes on Katrina. It's starting to piss me off.

"Bad." Katrina answered.

"I can help you. How about I teach you the language?" He offered.

"Really you'll do that for us? We've just met." There's hesitation in Katrina's voice when she answered him.

"Why not? I'm about to leave this school so I don't mind doing some good deeds before I left."

"You're a senior here?" Katrina asked.

"No, I'm senior there." Ethan pointed at the other side of the campus.

"You're a college student?" My eyes widened in amazement after realizing he's pointing at the college building. "How old are you?"

"Turned twenty two last month. Does it matter?" Finally, his eyes on mine.

"N-no," I stammered. "It's just that you look young." I tucked my hair behind my ear.

I wanted him to look at me but now his stare made me uncomfortable. Unaware, I bit my lower lip.

His eyes smiled. "Thank you."

I felt my cheeks blushed. I looked down. What's happening to me?

"Okay its fine with me. Kari, what you think?" Katrina asked me.

Sweetest Lie (PUBLISHED BY PSICOM)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!