"Goodnight love." That's the last thing he said to her last night before she felt his even breathing. He fell asleep and she did too. She closed her eyes with a smile on her lips and a contented heart.


How she loved to hear his word of endearment. Even though she knew it was meant for Katrina. He never failed to make her feel loved. But last night he recognized her. He knew it was her not her sister.

She'll never foget the feeling he made her feel. It would be her most treasured moment she had with him. Regarless if he didn't mean it all and it just slipped out of his lips, what matters was he finally recognized her and called her with her own name.

Good thing she listened to Katrina.

Pagkaraan ng ilang saglit ay pumasok si Katrina sa guest room at may hinagis sa kanya.

"Wear it." Katrina commanded.

"What's this?" She asked while looking at the black lacey nightie on her hand. "Are you kidding me? Why would I wear this?"

"Pupuntahan mo si Ethan diba? Wear it para maisip niya kung ano ang tinatanggihan niya."

"No!" Mariin na tanggi niya. "I wouldn't dare. Baka isipin niya inaakit ko siya."

"Exactly! That's what you should be doing right now." Katrina smiled wickedly. "Believe me sis, it works!"

"Hindi kagaya ni Jaime si Ethan." She put it down on her side. "Hindi siya mahilig!"

Katrina rolled her eyes. "Karina, its maiinit not mahilig. What's wrong with that? As long as Ethan feels it towards you, sa iyo lang."

"Thank you for emphazising!" She said sarcastically.

Insecurity creeped in again and destroyed all her confidence. The memory of what had happened between her and Ethan was still vivid in her mind. When he called Katrina's name while his on top of her.

"I apologize. I didn't mean it that way." Katrina apologized. "Kari, you've done a lot of stupid things for him and this would be the smartest move you could ever make. Just go down, ask him to come inside while looking sexy. You don't need to say another word believe me."

"Pero." She hesitated. Iniisip niya kasi kung ano ang maaring isipin sa kanya ni Ethan.

"Fine!" Hinubad ni Katrina ang suot na robe. "Wear this. If you think that nightie was too revealing for his taste. Remember the night you persuaded me to wear the yellow gown? I am so thankful I agreed on your plan. Kaya for once, ako naman ang pakinggan mo. Kapag hindi maganda ang kinalabasan, saka mo na lang ako sisihin."

She went out of the house barely clothed. When she saw him looking at her, she chickened out and pretended to be Katrina. Natakot siya sa maaring maging reaksiyon nito. Kaya ng halikan siya nito at hawakan siya sa likuran, she was fissed off.

How could he think of making advances towards her sister!

But soon enough, she was relieved to learn he knew it was her. Because if not, she would murder him.

Gising na siya pero ayaw pa niyang idilat ang mga mata. She wanted to stay lying next to him with his arms wrapped around her. She felt him move and his hand cupped her right breast.

When she felt him squezzed it, she tired to remain still and shut her eyes tigher.

What did he think he was doing?

There's no way she would stop him. The excitement and anticipation rocked her to the core. Her nipple hardened underneath her nightie when she felt his finger caressed it. She tried to steady her breathing but her stubborn heart betrayed her. Her heart was beating so loud, for sure sure Ethan could hear it.

Ethan yawned. He planted soft kisses on her shoulder and nibbled her left earlobe. His thumb played with her nipple and rubbed it gently.

Heat started to ignite inside her.

"Ethan." She couldn't help but uttered his name. She wanted to stop him now before he went too far.

"Yes... hmmm." Ethan said in between kisses. He pulled her closer and she felt him hard.

She tried to free herself from his embrace but she couldn't move that much or elese she might fall off the sofa. Her wiggling didn't help much but instead created more friction between them.

"Karina..." Ethan whispered on her ear. "Stop teasing me love, I am trying my hardest not to make love to you right now."

"I'm not teasing you." She looked back at him and she regretted it.

Their eyes met and he made her turned around. Once she faced him, he eagerly claimed her lips and kissed her fervently. He expertly navigated the path of pleasuring her. His kiss started with so much intensity yet a few moments later, he would just brussed his lips on hers and mouthed romantic words.

"You were teasing me everytime, you're not just aware of it."

With less force, she pushed him away. "Baka bumaba sila Katrina."

"Do you really want me to stop?" Ethan asked.

She raised her gaze and saw the burning desire on his eyes. "Ye-es." She stammered. She exerted all her will power to answer him.

"Sana sa taas tayo natulog." He whispered to her once again, lied on his back and he pulled her on top of him.

"Ethan." She started to protest.

"Karina, please let us stay like this for just another minute. I miss holding you like this." Ethan encircled his arms around her.

"What? I didn't hear you." She teased him.

"I said I miss you Karina." He repeated before he kissed her hair and tightened his embrace.

"Again?" She loved hearing her name.

"Do you want me to shout it love? Baka magising sila Jaime, akala ko ba ayaw mong makita nila tayo."

"No, just say my name." Lambing niya rito.

She rested her head on his chest. Naririnig niya ang malakas na tibok ng puso ni Ethan. Kung ano man ang dahilan niyon, if it's lust or love, wala siyang pakialam. Ang importante alam nito na siya ang kayakap nito at hindi si Katrina.

"Karina, Karina, Karina... I miss you Karina. Uwi na tayo mamaya ha."

Sweetest Lie (PUBLISHED BY PSICOM)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!