He didn't know how long he's been staring at the ceiling. He sighed before he looked at Karina. Finally her cries stopped and her breathing evened out, sign that she fell asleep. He's such an asshole! If only he could beat himself, he would. 

            What he did was unforgiving and way way beyond justifiable. Karina hurt him but he's a monster for hurting her more.

            He was kissing her endlessly. The things he said to her were long forgotten. His desired vanished? Says who? When he saw her wearing only lacy panties, all the longing he endured for three months suddenly filled his senses. But he had no plans of kissing and touching her, all he wanted was a cold shower to ease the pain in between his legs.

            He believed he could still control his desires even though he teased her and his stares lingered in her breast. But when she metioned there's plenty of other guys, he wanted to beat the shit out of them. The thought of someone else touching her lost his self-control.

            He moved his lips to kiss her jaw and down to the side of her neck. Her moans were like music to his ears, a lullaby, but not to calm his soul instead ignites his cravings to rock her all night.

            "Ethan," Katrina called his name in a sexy plea when he kissed her one nipple and gently caressed the other one.

            He continued his sweet assault on both her twin peaks. Alternately, he pleasured it with his lips, tounge and teeth. He kissed, nibbled and gently bit the rosy crowned tip of her ivory white breast. She arched her back, gripped his shoulders and dug her nails into it, her way of saying she wanted and needed more.

            His hand with the mind of his own travelled down and searched for it. The lacy garment was not enough to prevent him for touching her there. He let her feel the warmth of his touch. Gently he cupped her and she rewarded him with a loud gasped.

            "Ethan." Again, she called his name.

            He stopped kissing her peaks and moved up his body to face her. Looking at her parted moist lips, he pressed himself to her. Her eyes widened when she both felt his finger crept inside her panties and his other 'finger' poked on her thigh.    

"This is mine." He said and stroked her. His other hand pulled down her panties and she moved up her hips. "Don't even think of letting other man touched this."

He too rolled his brief off and positioned himself in between her legs. Touched her one more time and felt her wetness before he thrust deep and she cried out loud.

"Ouch! Ethan!" She tried to push him away. "Get off me!"

"What?" Shocked was an understatement. How could it be possible? She is a virgin, was?

"Ethan please, not like this." She cried with tears.

"No, don't move. You're making it worse." He said, trying to calm her. "I'm sorry Katrina, hindi ko alam."

"What did you say?" Karina asked in a dangerous tone.

He froze. Did he just mention her twin sister's name?

 She pushed him hard. He rolled and laid on his back. When she tried to get up, he held her left arm.

"Wait." He stopped her.

"Let go of my arm." She said without looking at him.

"I'm sorry." He apologized.

 Nilingon siya ni Karina at tinignan siya ng matalim. "Bitawan mo ako. Tagalog na yan para maintindihan mo."

Wala siyang nagawa kundi ang sundin ang gusto nito. Tumayo ito at itinuloy ang balak na pag-shower. Nakatalikod ito sa kanya habang nakatingala at nakatayo sa ilalim ng shower.

He watched how the water ran though her naked body and how she lathered herself with soap. How he envied that soap for being at the right place.


Lumabas muna siya ng silid para pahupain ang init ng kanyang katawan at ang galit na nararamdaman ni Karina. Pagbalik niya ay napasukan niyang nakahiga na si Karina. Maingat na sumampa siya sa kama at humiga na rin para matulog. Maiidlip na siya ng marinig niya ang mahinang hikbi ni Karina.

She was crying and he knew why.

He laid there silently without moving an inch. He waited until she finally fell asleep. Slowly, he moved closer and hugged her from behind. He buried his face on her neck and whispered on her ear.

"I'm sorry Karina. I'll make it up to you."  

Sweetest Lie (PUBLISHED BY PSICOM)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!