92 | Candy & Forgiveness

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TWO KILLERS. That thought had crossed my mind before, but Jookie made it seem like it was only one killer. What if they were just lying to throw us off?

"That would explain a few things," I said, thinking.

"So wouldn't that narrow down everyone into groups like Gmie and Demo or Chi and Aries."

"Not really." I bit my inner cheek. "People could've formed secret alliances."

"Which basically gives us more options instead of narrowing it down." She sighed. "It was just a thought. It's probably just one person."

"No, it's totally possible." I planned to explore the two killer scenario more later. "Where's everyone now?"

"Khan's been obsessed with that secret passageway since you told us about it. He's always there if he's not here taking care of you," she said. "Rucker's outside, and Sebastian been here constantly watching over you, but he went to take a shower." Yaz sighed. "That's another reason why Rucker hasn't been in here. Him and Sebastian just keep fighting. He blames Rucker for everything that happened to you."

"It's not his fault."

"Well Seb doesn't see it that way," she said, getting up. "Our group is a hot ass mess right, and I think you're the only one who can fix it."

Before I could speak, a light tap hit the door. "It's Khan," a voice said from the hall.

Yaz opened the door, and Duke rushed in first. His body dived across the room and onto my bed in one long swoop and gave me tons of kisses.

I laughed, hurting my throat, but I didn't care. I missed him. He was literally like my Duke, which gave me bittersweet emotions, but I didn't want to think of the bad right now.

Khan waltzed in next with a warm smile on his face. Rucker followed in behind him, eyes averted to the floor. He wouldn't look at me.

"Thank you for healing me," I said when he came over. "I feel like I say that a lot now." I wanted to thank him for the other thing, but I didn't want Jookie to get in trouble. Even though I would've love to see that.

Khan chuckled. "Hopefully this is the last time," he said while checking my bandages. "Everything seems to be good. How are you feeling?'

"Sore mostly." And pissed. And a little annoyed.

"Your wounds are healing nicely," he said, standing back. "You had numerous cuts and burns all over your body." He tapped his chin. "Some of them were a bit weird."

"Weird?" I asked, petting Duke who was cuddled into my side, snoring.

"You had some type of pink candy in some of your cuts. It was also melted onto your skin. That's where the burns came from," he said. "I thought it was glass at first, but it smelled sweet. Like strawberry."

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