25 | A Weird Request

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GIVING UP. That's the thought that filled my mind as someone held me in place, cutting off my every movement. Tiredness and agony shivered in my bones, and I was close to collapsing, but I had an ounce of fire left in me.

My hands were locked down, but I knocked my head forward, smashing into someone's skull. Hard.

"Fuck," a masculine voice whispered, loosening their grip, but pushing me into a wall.

I swung my arms down, going in for a side punch, but a familiar voice called my name.

"Betinia. It's me." Khan.

"Khan?" I whispered, lowering my fist.

A soft click went off, and bright light flooded the area. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust, but when they did, intense brown eyes stared into mine. His chest pressed against me, face inches away.

"Umm... hi?" I said, never losing his gaze.

"Hello," he said, tone soft. He looked down and saw how close he was and backpedaled. "Sorry about that."

"It's fine —" I started but was cut off by the loud voices outside the door.

"Where is that bitch?" Gmie screamed through the door. "I want her now, Demo. NOW!"

My jaw hardened. Ooo I wanted to hurt her so bad. Just give me five minutes alone with her.

"I see you have some new fans," Khan said, walking over to the door and triple locking it before turning back to me.

"Yeah, stalker fans," I said, turning away from the door. I jerked back, gasping as I looked at the room.

His room was immaculate. How did I not notice this before?

My bedroom resembled a prison cell while his looked like a five-star hotel. A giant four-poster iron bed sat in the middle of the far wall with black and white silk sheets, blending with the steel-colored walls. Adjacent to the bed was a fridge and stove.

A large television mounted the left wall, surrounded by an entertainment system filled with high-tech devices. And the whole right wall displayed three movie-size computer screens. A glass desk and comfy chair sat in front of them.

Duke skipped around in circles on the soft black carpeting before jumping on the bed, settling in.

"Duke," I said, trying to get him off.

Khan waved me off. "It's alright. My dog sleeps in bed with me at home."

"Okay. Umm... thanks for saving me," I said, watching him walk away from the door. That's when I noticed his attire. His tight white shirt and jeans were covered in thick crimson. My blood.

My eyes glanced down at myself, seeing all the thick gashes that marred my skin. All dripping down my arms and onto the carpet. The pain started to become more intense, making me shiver.

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