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CHI. Could it really be her?

Everyone stopped for a moment, staring at each other.

"She was kind of obsessed with proving to everyone she's not dumb," I said, scratching Duke's chin.

"What if she planned this whole thing to prove that she was smarter than everyone?" Khan said. "What's the best way to do that than to kill someone and get away with it?"

"So, it's Chi?" Sebastian asked. "She killed Layla?"

"She's the only one with a background in poison," Yaz said, arching her brows.

I played around with the idea in my head. It made sense logically. Chi wanted to prove that she was smarter than everyone by poisoning Layla and getting away with it. Proving to Gmie that she wasn't a 'dumb slut' did seem to be very important to her.

"You agree?" Khan asked me.

Sometimes things are just that simple. Tim's words circled in my head. Maybe there wasn't some elaborated plan here, and it was just that simple. It was Chi.

She had the motive, opportunity, and knowledge of poison. Plus, she lied to us, trying to get us to pick the wrong people.

"Yeah," I said, putting Duke into my lap and brushing his neck.

"Since we got that solved," Rucker said, pulling over a table with pancakes, eggs, and bacon. "Let's eat."


We spent the next few hours eating and talking. Rucker's food really was amazing, and he relished in all his praise and compliments before lecturing Khan and me for about twenty minutes.

About two hours before the time limit was up, I wanted to go see Layla one more time. I knew that once her case was solved that her body would be removed.

"You sure about this?" Rucker asked me as we walked through the halls.

"I just want to say goodbye," I said as we stopped outside my room.

She still laid there, dead. Nothing changed. I lowered myself to my knees and just stared at her. Certain parts of me felt a connection to her. A connection that I couldn't name, but I could feel.

Some piece of me knew she was watching us. That her spirit was still around. A harsh pressure tickled my neck, making my chest blow up with a bunch of emotions. I couldn't pinpoint all of them, but one that I could identify was frustration.

It thrashed throughout my lungs and tummy like an angry hurricane, wanting to kill everything in its path. Why was I feeling this way?

Rucker paused over me. "You don't think Chi did it."

Did I think that? The bumbling in my stomach lashed out against my skin, answering my question for me. I didn't think it was Chi. That conclusion didn't sit well with me for some reason, and I couldn't explain why.

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