27 | Tea Time & Breaking Bad

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COULD KHAN BE TRUSTED? I didn't know. He helped me when he could've just let me die. And he fixed my wounds without a second thought.

Could he just be warming me up to slaughter me later? Maybe.

"Don't trust people until they give you a reason to," Tim said, echoing through my head.

Khan gave me a few reasons, but I still needed to keep my guard up. But I had to admit, I liked him as a person. He was quiet and intelligent, and thoughtful. Insightful.

Very different from Sebastian.

Getting to my feet, I started to pace around the bathroom. It was identical to mine in every way, except that his was covered with tons of male products. He definitely liked to manscape.

Even though I knew the cameras were watching, I didn't care tonight. Could be that I almost died an hour ago. I had so many things on my plate at the moment that worrying about creepers seeing me naked felt almost trivial.

The warm water spilled over my skin from the shower head, feeling like a liquid pain reliever on my muscles. Everything coiled tight became loose like jelly.

Slumping to the floor, the water splashed everywhere and pooled around, creating a bath as I let myself get lost in thought.

Death was close tonight. Too close.

A tight knot formed in the back of my neck, filling with all sorts of blackness, decaying thoughts and negative feelings until it overflowed inside of me, seizing every cell and fiber like a vicious cancer, eating at my very essence until I couldn't take it anymore.

I screamed.

All that pent-up aggression and emotions flowed out of me in screams and tears. There was no hint of sadness, just relief. Relief that I survived another day.

Watching the dried blood wash off my skin and down the drain almost felt like a goodbye. Tomorrow would be better. I hoped anyway.

Drying myself off, I tore open the new packet of boxers and put them on. They felt quite comfy, but snuggly. Too snuggly. They rose up my thighs like booty shorts, and his shirt only came to my thighs so it barely hid the boxers from view. If I bent over, it'd be the perfect anime panties shot.

Reminder: Do not bend over by any means!

Wait, I had sweatpants. I went to put them on, but sticky blood covered my hands like a thick paste. They were soaked and scattered with crimson. I'd ruin his sheets if I put them back on. Fuck.

I washed them out with some soap and hung them to dry on the side of the tub. They were still ruined, but they looked... slightly better, but still unwearable until they dried.


Letting my hair hang down to dry, I paused at the door, slowly cracking it incase I needed to go on the attack. Peeking through the crack, Duke barked and yelped at Khan who was in the corner, putting down some food and water.

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