19 | The First Voting Session

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A BLISTERING TENSION BLANKETED THE AIR as everyone filed into the common room for voting

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A BLISTERING TENSION BLANKETED THE AIR as everyone filed into the common room for voting.

Jookie was already there, bouncing around the room like a child on Christmas. Dressed in formal attire with his dark blue suit, peacock tie, and knee-high boots, he graced all of us with a chilling grin, making the tension increase even more.

When I passed by him, our eyes met, and he gave me a private grin before I continued on, sitting in the recliner that I sat in the last time I was here.

Bringing my knee to my chest, my eyes glanced up at the skylight. A moon shone in the dark sky, a bright crescent in a sea of black clouds and icy fog.

Jookie fixed his tie before clapping his hands together, eyes focusing on the camera in the back. "Welcome, everyone to our first elimination. Such a joyous occasion, right?" He motioned to us. "To the Bloody Doe Three, good luck and please go stand in front of your picture on the killer wall."

Rucker moved away from the wall, face stony and angry. He wore a muscle shirt, showing off his tats.

Chi looked decked out today in her tight booty shorts and choking crop top. Hey, if I were on the chopping block, I'd dress to impress too.

Tiran followed behind Chi and Rucker, seeming rather relaxed, contrasting with his usual fidgety demeanor. He seemed sort of cocky almost.

"Everyone, if you look down at your tablets now, you'll see an image of each of the Bloody Doe Three. Whoever gets the most votes will die," Jookie said before nodding to the three on the chopping block. "You three get to vote as well. And to everyone else, whoever you vote for will show up under your name on the killer board, so don't think your vote will be secret. Everyone will know."

He lowered his tone, gazing out at all of us. "Be careful who you vote for. Remember that alliances have been formed and voting for someone who ends up actually surviving an elimination can earn you an enemy. So, everyone ready?"

In perfect fashion, Gmie spoke first. "Yeah. We all agreed that Rucker should get voted off."

"No, we didn't," Yaz said, finally speaking up. She sat across from me on a similar recliner, wiping some of her black hair out of her glasses. Her eyes, filled with disrespect and annoyance, zeroed in on Gmie. "You took it upon yourself to state an opinion and expected us to agree. And I don't."

"Rucker is a child murderer. Who wants someone like him around?" Gmie stuck her nose up. "But I guess some poor income bitch like you doesn't care about that, huh?"

Yaz's eyes blazed to a darker caramel. "You better watch your mouth, hoe. There ain't no bodyguards here to save you."

Jookie held up a finger. "Fighting is totally encouraged."

Gmie ignored both of them and turned to face the rest of us. "Rucker is a child murderer. We don't want him here."

Rucker flexed his hand into a fist, face glowering. "There's no proof of that."

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