08 | The Winner is... Princess Peach

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A PART OF ME never thought I would ever see a girl almost face-plant because she tripped over human intestines

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A PART OF ME never thought I would ever see a girl almost face-plant because she tripped over human intestines.

Life was becoming rather interesting.

The feeling of being between life or death — that thrill zipped through me, but it lessened as we walked out of the room and toward Jookie.

"Everyone have fun?" Jookie asked with a grin. "We sure did."

No one responded, not even rude boy even though he looked like he wanted too. The guards made us stand in a vertical line, a camera panning across us, which made me glance at the television I was on earlier.

The television displayed a wide angle of me, capturing my full bloody glory and singed hair. Trickles of blood caked every inch of me, looking like splattered red glue.

All contestants stood straight up, except sketcher girl who sobbed and slouched as she held the pancreas, looking like she was asked to hold a venomous tick.

"Well, ladies and gents, let's start the judging," Jookie said, coming to stand in front of us. "This was just a warm up to get your blood flowing and hands moving." He smiled. "But let's get to what's important. We are judging based on the criteria of biggest body part."

"Well, I won," the skinny girl said, dropping the rest of the intestines on the white flooring.

"No, I did," the red-haired girl said, waving her leg, which caused blood droplets to swing everywhere.

"Neither of you won." Jookie giggled. "The challenge was for biggest as in most important. Not heaviest or longest."

"What?" The skinny girl looked stunned like she never lost anything in her life. Anger flared in her eyes, like she wanted to attack him, forgetting that he could choose whether she lived or died. "You didn't specify."

"It wasn't supposed to be easy, darlin'," he said, rolling his eyes. "Anyway, let's see what everyone else has." He strutted down the line, starting with gruffy-beard.

The big male with the large hands held up his part — a thick, sticky brain.

"Good choice," Jookie said. "Nice hammer and axe work earlier by the way."

He moved down the line, passing by rude guy and red-haired girl. "Amazing saw work on those legs. Viewers loved it, but you didn't follow directions. You can live without your legs, people."

The other contestants held up their body parts for the cameras like Jookie instructed.

Warm-eyes held up the heart, and the blond guy did the same with his pair of lungs. Preppy guy looked sick as he held up the severed arm. Hoodie guy held up a kidney, and so did the Brazilian girl while nerd glasses showed off her liver. Skinny girl looked pissed still as she held up the floppy intestines.

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