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I MADE IT BACK TO MY room in one piece, still looking for blind spots along the way

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I MADE IT BACK TO MY room in one piece, still looking for blind spots along the way. My mind kept getting distracted because of Jookie. His words about me having another enemy haunted me.

Who was it? Gmie, yeah. She hated my guts. But I didn't do anything to anyone else. I did win the first challenge though, and like Gmie, others could hate me because of that fact too. I was competition. I needed to be more careful.

A groan slipped from my lips when I flopped onto my bedroom floor. A bed. I needed one.

Going to my iPad, I shuffled through the cameras, trying to find Jookie. I wanted to see what he was up to now. I never found him, but I did find everyone else.

Fee cleaned and cooked in the kitchen. Sebastian, Aries, Tiran and even Khan chilled in the billiard room. Demo and Gmie munched on food in the hallway. It looked like it was mostly Gmie talking. Layla lounged in the same corner I left her in, staring down at her hands. Yaz was nowhere, meaning she must be in her bedroom. Chi-Lynn and Rucker were fucking in the bathroom — wait, what?

My finger slid left, trying to bring the camera footage back so I could confirm what I saw. Yeah, I was right. Chi and Rucker splashed around in a Jacuzzi filled with white bubbles, her ass bouncing on top of him while kissing each other.

Lewd comments filtered in under the footage, coming in at an alarming rate. I closed the app, letting them have their privacy.

They were having sex already? We just met each other, and we were in a competition. It must be that "live life to the fullest" mentality. We could die at any second — tomorrow in Rucker's case, so why not do what you wanted?

But still, everyone chummed around and was friendly with each other. Was it all an act? Or was I the paranoid one? A part of my mind just couldn't forget that everyone had a past here — a murderous one. But killers could be kind. But kindness was also the best way to gain someone's trust so that you could betray them later.

Yaz, Layla, Fee and I must seem like outliers compared to the rest of the group.

A knock sounded at my door, and I paused. "Yes?" I said, not opening the door. I needed to get a peephole.

"It's Sebastian."

He was harmless. Probably. He's been nothing but nice to me, but was it all an act? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, he probably wouldn't attack me during daylight hours.

I opened the door, and he stood there, holding a bag full of stuff.

"I know you didn't want to request anything, so I did it for you," he said before smiling. "I didn't know your size, so I just got you some sweatpants and t-shirts with some basic toiletries."

Technically, I didn't request it, so I could use it. Everything was a gift. "Thank you!" I said, tone happy until realization kicked it. It must've shown on my face.

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