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INIQUITOUS by Swadisky
"You're going to make me do bad things to you, sweetheart." | Frank Rider is the new teacher. His favourite word is 'detention'. He's iniquitous, rude and vici...
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Psycho But Not Really by jasminesar2
Psycho But Not Reallyby jjasmine
NOT EDITED Psycho; psychopath, or psychopathic. Althea, is the daughter of a psychologist, and will do anything to make her mother let her go to art school. She's trappe...
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That Kid: Noah Pryce by hanhawoo
That Kid: Noah Pryceby hanhawoo
Ever since third grade, Jenny seems to endure the trouble of being bullied. She has, after all, her very own superhero protecting her-- Noah. Sadly, due to reality of li...
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Teacher's Pet by Venoxie372
Teacher's Petby Celia Vivianne
It's one thing to have a crush on your teacher. It's another thing to have him liking you back. You're on a whole new level if he's using you for his sick twisted pleasu...
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Psychopath | √ by HappyIsHere
Psychopath | √by ❤Happy❤
Highest Ranking: #1 °°°°° "Either, do what I say or die," he whispered wickedly, his gun pressed against my cheek. I tried to escape his grip but it resulted i...
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Psycho by -Pineapple14
Psychoby Kim Mata
| WARNING | MATURE CONTENT & DARK NOVEL He's a psycho and he wants her
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The Sociopath Who Ate My Cereal by not_invisible
The Sociopath Who Ate My Cerealby Jen
Lucas Michael Avery is everything a girl could ever want; handsome, smart, funny. Everyone loves him. Correction everyone loved him. What happened? Well he's kind of a...
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How To Kill by KeepMeHiddenForever
How To Killby Pessimistic Princess
To get away with murder, To not get caught, To not feel remorse, To be free, You have to be psychotic. Manipulative, Cunning, Intelligent, You have to be Hunter...
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2 A.M. Silence | ✓ by waonder
2 A.M. Silence | ✓by waonder
"If love could talk, hearts would never break." #1 - madlove / psychopath
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CARVALLE: School Of Psychopaths [BxB] 18+ by LadyYandereShane
CARVALLE: School Of Psychopaths [ ashley shane
"Let's play a game. If you win, we'll answer all of your questions." "If I lose?" "You become our toy." "Are you crazy?" "I...
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VENGEANCE ✔ by ssybahz
Pain can be healing and lethal at the same time. It is true what they say, "You hurt the one you love the most, whether you want it, or not....." Love is what...
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Vexa: Slice Then Die ( BOOK 2 ) by enirose19
Vexa: Slice Then Die ( BOOK 2 )by 𝚎 𝚗 𝚒
A month after resolving the High School Butcher case, Vexa and Zinc continued their search for the Lakas Gang's hideout by doing and following Vexa's code. On their firs...
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Heartless  by preachoseok
Heartless by Hobigalore
First thriller story? AMBW Min Yoongi au/ a lil bit of Jungkook
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Twist (Melon x Reader) by Katjaface
Twist (Melon x Reader)by Katjaface
BOOK THREEEEEEEEE Things took a twist. That's all you could say.
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Never knew I needed (BXB) by ecstacyxo
Never knew I needed (BXB)by Ecstacy🖤
(Jardo fan fic) "Don't kill him! Please!" "Why not? I should blow his head off for touching you. Nigga got me fucked up." ( I'm still a new writer do...
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Calling Affection (Boyxboy) by justprettypoison
Calling Affection (Boyxboy)by justprettypoison
In which an asshole jock Alpha is mated to a sociopathic and generally apathetic male human. Who isn't acting like a human should. Drama ensues.
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The Roommate•Kairi Cosentino• by kaiswifie
The Roommate•Kairi Cosentino•by kaiswifie
Kairi and you end up being roommates together, you think everything is normal until you guys get into a relationship. Kairi seems like he'll do anything for you, includi...
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My Needy Captain  [ Levi x reader ] by Levi-Sparkles
My Needy Captain [ Levi x reader ]by Levi's Cookie 🖤
"I'm tired of cleaning your office!" you shouted at him. You were the only cadet who dared to disobey him. You thought Levi hated you since he always kept puni...
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Twins by DyslexicStories
Twinsby Mark Oppa
Mark has a twin brother Minhyung. They haven't been separated since birth and they will do anything for each other. Disclaimer: Please remember everything in this book i...
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In which each BTS members have to face the fear they haven't wished for,they will face dangerous consequences! BTS short stories horror,it's about BTS ships and also a...
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