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Room 106 || J.J.K FF (Slow Updates)  by MochimB
Room 106 || J.J.K FF (Slow MochimB
《Highest rank: #2 in Jeon》 《Highest rank: #1 in asylum》 《Highest rank: #6 in sonyeondan》 《Highest rank: #31 in army》 《Highest rank: #37 in bts》 《Highest rank: #1 psycho》...
  • army
  • bangtanboys
  • fanfiction
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LUNATIC | Peter Parker x Reader by nekomotherfuker
LUNATIC | Peter Parker x Readerby Nekomotherfuker
b u t h e s m i l e s w h e n h e k i l l s
  • avengers
  • warmachine
  • thor
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|| Forced to Hide a Serial Killer || Forced Series #1 by TheWicked_Angel
|| Forced to Hide a Serial $dope$
#1 in Mystery / Thriller ❤ Complete✔ UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION! RE-WRITTING. ❝ Don't you think darling, before you get to bed, you should check on your door and windows...
  • killer
  • mystery
  • thriller
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Play Time (Anti x Reader) by The_Angel_That_Wrote
Play Time (Anti x Reader)by the_angel_that_wrote
You go to Ireland for a couple of days to help a fellow Youtuber, and friend, out with doing something for the lead up to Halloween. He said the character's name was Ant...
  • fanfiction
  • sean
  • psychopath
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Psychopath | √ by HappyIsHere
Psychopath | √by ❤Happy❤
Highest Ranking: #1 °°°°° "Either, do what I say or die," he whispered wickedly, his gun pressed against my cheek. I tried to escape his grip but it resulted i...
  • protective
  • gun
  • teenfiction
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The Psychopath || pjm by adibah_tofu
The Psychopath || pjmby Kawaii Tofu
"JAEKYUNG, WHAT IN THE WORLD? WHY IS THERE A FRICKIN' CAMERA INSIDE YOUR DOLL?" he shrieked. Yet, I was also in a daze since I just knew that fact just a few s...
  • bangtan
  • thriller
  • murder
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Psycho by -Pineapple14
Psychoby Kim
| WARNING | MATURE CONTENT & DARK NOVEL He's a psycho and he wants her
  • psycho
  • possessive
  • thriller
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My serial killer  by pilechi_bechki
My serial killer by Lara
-How can someone ever love a psycho? A serial killer? A human without emotions? - I don't think that's possible -why not? You may never know who it might be. It can be y...
  • teenlove
  • mysterious
  • forbidden
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My Psycho Boss by littlemissgrey
My Psycho Bossby littlemissgrey
"Baby I would never hurt you..", he whispered in my ear as he trapped me in between him and the wall. "Your mine.", he whispered once again as he ki...
  • psycho
  • mystery-thriller
  • mystery
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chryssie by indigobeaudelaire
chryssieby indigo beaudelaire
Grayson is obsessed. But not with the things that a normal teenage boy should be - video games and sports and friends. No. He's obsessed with her. His flower, his Chry...
  • horror
  • obsessed
  • romance
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INIQUITOUS by Swadisky
"You're going to make me do bad things to you, sweetheart." | Frank Rider is the new teacher. His favourite word is 'detention'. He's iniquitous, rude and vici...
  • evil
  • calla
  • humor
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Manipulate. by burnatreehouse
#12 sshh
two strangers. one a gang leader. the other in high school. one can't feel. the other manipulates. what a pair they could be. if they don't kill each other first. it's a...
  • possessive
  • murder
  • daddy
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dichotomous by peachedsoda
dichotomousby [ 🍑 ]
❝Not being loved by the one you love is like torture.❞ But in a way, being loved by someone you don't want to be with, and being forced to love that person back, could b...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • bts
  • mystery
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Teenage Baby by Anyone187
Teenage Babyby Anyone187
Completed. #1 in Mystery/Thriller (29/5/2018) "No one will hurt you ever again, baby," he whispered. "Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Lou will make sure of that...
  • punishments
  • mentality
  • mentalproblems
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MAD WORLD 「jjk  。kth」 by simplyjeonn
MAD WORLD 「jjk 。kth」by 、
"no one will rest until i find my soulmate that lay upon you scums, this is just the beginning of the new revolution!" "'m making america my bitch, right...
  • topkook
  • topgguk
  • jokerjungkook
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King of Freaks ✔ by KartierKlass
King of Freaks ✔by Sinister Sociopath
#28 Highest Ranking In Teen Fiction 3/31/2017 Previously known as "Eliazer King" | Not your cliché Teen Fiction story It's funny how one flaw can bring down a...
  • funny
  • psychological
  • action
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My Aurora - Not A Fairytail | J.JK ✔ by igot7_ara
My Aurora - Not A Fairytail | ♢_Rae Z._♢
《#2 in Jungkook FF BOCCA》 It's so deceiving. The fact that people with the most angelic faces could be even worse than the devil itself. And by the time I learned that...
  • psychopath
  • psycho-thriller
  • bangtancoca2018
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𝐆𝐈𝐎𝐕𝐀𝐍𝐍𝐈 | 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐥 by msftsavage
After being accused by her father of going insane and killing her mother, Isabella Williams is forced to live in a mental institution and seek treatment. With no way of...
  • gangleader
  • badboy
  • dominant
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BTS Horror Stories by Monster1230
BTS Horror Storiesby midnight_monster
Best Awards: #1 - Chilling #2 - Btsmembers #1 - Disgust #2 - Possessed #4 - Ghosts #5 - Unknown A collection of horror stories in Bangtan's point of view, with different...
  • btsmembers
  • angst
  • supernatural
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Psycho by lisapark06
Psychoby • L • I • S • A •
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Those that know pain~~~~~~~~~~~~ once knew peace. Those that know despair ...
  • jeonjungkook
  • psychological
  • daddymommyissues
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