73 | Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

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TROUBLE. I was in big trouble, and Khan was nowhere to be seen. Was this his whole plan? Get me killed off and take the glory?

I didn't get much time to think on it because Aries charged at me again, a sinister expression on his sweaty face, but he stalled almost instantly, clutching his sloppy wounds as his face turned up in pain.

His blood was everywhere, staining his light blue shorts to his rumbled shirt that reminded me of a red tie-dye project. I didn't think I stabbed him that deep, but the wound on his hand looked really bad.

Thick liquid oozed out in short bursts, splattering the floor like an abstract painting. Aries tried to stop the rapid blood flow with his other hand, but that just made him bloodier, and he ended up smearing his blood all over his face.

I gulped, thinking the red on his face reminded me of bad clown makeup which made him look even scarier as he aimed his eyes at me, pupils dilating.

His hands went for my neck again like there was a target on it. I hollered and kicked at him, missing him this time. He knocked my wobbling legs out of the way and jumped near my torso.

Picking me up one-handed by my shirt, his other hand smacked the shit out of me, causing a loud squelch sound to warp into the air from the connection of his bloody hand on my bare, clean skin.

A burning sensation shot up my cheek to my forehead and thick globs of spit flew from my mouth as my teeth dug into my lip from impact. The taste of copper grazed my tongue and my head dipped back, stars consuming my vision.

"You should've minded your own business, bitch," he repeated to me as he threw me into the wall. My back hit hard, and I flopped over and crawled, trying to regain my vision. "This didn't concern you."

Aries stomped over to me and gripped my ankle, trying to lift me in the air again, but I wiggled and jerked and kicked until he let go.

As soon as he let go, I jabbed my heel out, catching him in the side of the calf. Yelling, he dropped to one knee, and I followed up with a kick to the face.

He flopped backward and smacked his head into the radiator. Loud groans poured from his lips as his sticky hands massaged his head.

While he got himself together, I crawled away toward the bench, using the hard surface to lift myself up. Panting loudly, I watched Aries stumble to his feet, and I charged at him, landing my elbow into his ribs.

He jerked and twisted his body before falling face first into the wall, leaving a bloody bodyprint behind when he stumbled back. I followed up by punching him in the cheek, my knuckles digging in deep — so deep that I could feel his five 'o clock shadow against my soft skin.

"That's for slapping me, bitch," I screamed at him when he crumbled to the ground, holding his face. I didn't let up there though. My foot stomped and kicked at his groaning and yelling body until every toe felt like it was broken and I still wasn't done.

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