42 | Before The Show Starts

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"I FEEL LIKE THIS IS THE START OF A REALLY GOOD PORNO," Jookie said, making both of us pause in mid-fight

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"I FEEL LIKE THIS IS THE START OF A REALLY GOOD PORNO," Jookie said, making both of us pause in mid-fight.

My body sat on top of hers, legs straddling her hips as her hands gripped my hair and my knuckles grazed her shoulder. I pushed her off me and jumped to my feet, trying to position the bubbles over my important parts.

His deep gray eyes darkened, eyes scanning over my body. "Are you naked, my little peach?"

"Umm—" I started—

Bae punched me hard in the stomach, causing the breath to leave my lungs. I gasped, stumbling backward but not before flinging my foot up, smacking her in the cheek. She let out a squeak before falling away from me, both of us splashing back into the water at the same time, on opposite ends.

"Bae, what the hell are you doing?" Jookie said, annoyance raw in his voice.

Bae leered at me, thick suds covering half her face and body. "She started it."

"Oh really?" I said. "You pushed me first."

"You provoked me," she snapped.

Jookie rubbed his temples. "Just do your job, Bae. Get her cleaned up and dressed. We need to be on in twenty-five." He helped her out of the tub, and she stalked off without a word, leaving sudsy footprints behind.

Jookie watched her leave. "I apologize for her. She's under a lot of stress."

"Is she your ex or something? She told me to stay away from you — that I'll bring you trouble," I said. "What does that mean?"

He laughed, turning toward the door. "We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?"

His response left me sort of dumbfounded for a second, and I just shook it away and dropped into the tub, letting the warm water soothe my sore body.

What was Bae's deal? Her words about staying away from Jookie circled in my thoughts. Were they fucking or something? Why else would she be so protective of him? But Jookie didn't act like they were romantically involved, and they didn't look related...

Fuck it. I didn't have the time to try and unravel the inner workings of a stranger and Jookie. Not when my live interview was only minutes away. What were they going to ask me?

The dark tumbling in my stomach told me it wasn't going to be a fun experience. Ever since I've been here, they loved to fuck with me mentally, so they'll probably stick to that pattern.

You can't do this interview. You need me. The fuck I do. Just go away.

"Heeelllooo!" Bae's voice broke through my arguing thoughts. "Come on, dry off."

Looking fresh and clean in tight jeans and a t-shirt, Bae tossed a fluffy towel on the floor near the tub. "Hurry up and get out. We don't have much time. Follow me." She stalked away, and I grabbed the towel, following behind her down the hall.

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