female slasher x male reader by horror-freak-fic
female slasher x male readerby horror lover
female killers x male reader (I do not own the characters in the book)
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It's The Hot Ones That Are Crazy (male reader x yandere killers) by TheCyberMerc
It's The Hot Ones That Are Crazy ( Aiden Mercer
An off topic story from my other ones. All pics and vids go to there rightful owners. A "somewhat" Request,enjoy This Does contain violent content and sexual t...
  • yandere
  • killers
  • psycho
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Hood Princess by its_ya_girl_tete
Hood Princessby its_ya_girl_tete
A regular shmegular degular girl from Baltimore ?
  • rose
  • breezy
  • wattys2018
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Female dead by daylight killers X male reader by Username19870o
Female dead by daylight killers THE AWESOME PYRO
Left alone with several killers that are in love with him how will one deal with this. (there will most likely be lemons)
  • freda
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  • deadbydaylight
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Slasher killer boyfriend scenarios by troubleinhello
Slasher killer boyfriend scenariosby Xx.gothgirl666.xX
Some lemons and maybe fluff, my first story I'm open to criticism and feel free to hate it if you hate it
  • boyfriendscenerios
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  • slasher
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark by Exploring_With_Seth
Scary Stories To Tell In The Darkby Seth Nelson
Just a whole book full of different scary stories to entertain you, the reader, none of it is my own work. Enjoy!
  • murder
  • laughing
  • demons
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Dead by Daylight × Reader {REQUESTS CLOSED} by AutumnCat9
Dead by Daylight × Reader { Autumn Cat
These are some short stories. short stories that basically ship the reader and dead by daylight characters if you read the title. Please do me a favor and read these sto...
  • horror
  • killers
  • romance
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En Los Bosques (FNAF) by Fraythewolf79
En Los Bosques (FNAF)by BrincandoEnTumbas709
En un Pueblo llamado TransWay en medio de montañas y bosque se encuentra la paz y la gentileza , en este existe la armonía entre presa y predador, civilización y natur...
  • foxythepirate
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Slasher  Boyfriend Scenarios  by mydemons12
Slasher Boyfriend Scenarios by DANKEMOS
I don't see many of these so I thought I would write one also if you don't see your favorit let me know and tell me who you want in it and I'll add them. Also this is my...
  • fan-fiction
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Haunting The Pastas... (ghost reader x creepypasta) by Monkey12230
Haunting The Pastas... (ghost Monkey1223
I decided to do another pasta story I'm sorry I can't let go of the pastas it's a bad habit ? (y/n) was one of many victims to the one and only Jeff The Killer, but what...
  • fanfic
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  • haunting
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Unreal Realities -  Creepypasta x reader  by Getjinxed0
Unreal Realities - Creepypasta Jinx
A story about a girl and her brother goin around eatin people's and killing people's (duh) then one day they meets a persons who will change their future from Hell to Fu...
  • reader
  • hoodie
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Bad Girls Have Bad Secrets by essoteric
Bad Girls Have Bad Secretsby a r d e n
Victoria Navitski's already messed up life turned sideways after the death of a close family member. Now, not only does she need to protect herself from the attacks of r...
  • characterdevelopment
  • enemies
  • ganglord
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Sinner's Club: Dark Romance One-Shots | 18+ by HinataDate
Sinner's Club: Dark Romance R.L. Kitchen
A collection of dark romantic one-shots that range through many genres. There will be erotic and regular one-shots in this collection. Cover by: @LavendarEyes Copyright...
  • lgbt
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  • tawo
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Arranged to Killers by Psychopathic_Singer
Arranged to Killersby Psychopathic_Singer
Y/N L/N, a bright young woman fresh out of university with a degree in engineering. A lady with an interesting past who has no time to look for some to love who will lov...
  • horror
  • jasonvoorhees
  • chucky
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Psycho Killers by taylee7
Psycho Killersby taylee7
A girl named Tessa prince walks home from work at about 10:00 at night which turns out to be a bad idea and something bad happens to her so for her to survive she had to...
  • cyrusdobre
  • phycho
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A Sex Toy? (Kagekao X Reader) by XxHunter02xX
A Sex Toy? (Kagekao X Reader)by Hunter
Taking a trip to Japan sounds awesome, until you meet the one and only Kagekao. Where he tries to kill you. But let bygones be bygones. After all, he did just make you...
  • lemons
  • xreaders
  • slenderman
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Thrusting treasures? Yandere Male Vampires x Reader by Saneff
Thrusting treasures? Yandere Saneff
You become a human sacrifice, a forced bride to be of three ruthless creatures, calling themselves Vanpires. You wouldn't even survive the hell their gonna put you throu...
  • yanderetrap
  • yanderevampires
  • pride
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The Halloween Cannibal by Alycat1901
The Halloween Cannibalby Alex Gedgaudas
Halloween is a time to scare. A time to enjoy sharing scary stories of monsters of the night. That's easy for the lovely town of Falls Creek. They have an ugly history...
  • murder
  • just
  • creepy
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Ask/Dare DBD (Dead By Daylight)! by DettyBet
Ask/Dare DBD (Dead By Daylight)!by Woop
Dead By Daylight is not owned by me nor is any of it's properties. You can ask killers and survivors! Or dare
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