female slasher x male reader by horror-freak-fic
female slasher x male readerby horror lover
female killers x male reader (I do not own the characters in the book)
  • slashers
  • voorhees
  • xmalereader
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Slasher killer boyfriend scenarios by XxgothicaxX
Slasher killer boyfriend scenariosby Xx.gothica.xX
Some lemons and maybe fluff, my first story I'm open to criticism and feel free to hate it if you hate it
  • boyfriendscenerios
  • killers
  • slasher
It's The Hot Ones That Are Crazy (male reader x yandere killers) by TheCyberMerc
It's The Hot Ones That Are Crazy ( Aiden Mercer
An off topic story from my other ones. All pics and vids go to there rightful owners. A "somewhat" Request,enjoy This Does contain violent content and sexual t...
  • male
  • 18
  • readerxcharacter
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Hood Princess by its_ya_girl_tete
Hood Princessby its_ya_girl_tete
A regular shmegular degular girl from Baltimore ?
  • wattys2018
  • killing
  • lucascoly
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Arranged to Killers by Psychopathic_Singer
Arranged to Killersby Psychopathic_Singer
Y/N L/N, a bright young woman fresh out of university with a degree in engineering. A lady with an interesting past who has no time to look for some to love who will lov...
  • jasonvoorhees
  • michaelmyers
  • leatherface
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Female dead by daylight killers X male reader by Username19870o
Female dead by daylight killers THE AWESOME PYRO
Left alone with several killers that are in love with him how will one deal with this. (there will most likely be lemons)
  • huntress
  • nurse
  • killers
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Dead by Daylight × Reader {REQUESTS CLOSED} by AutumnCat9
Dead by Daylight × Reader { Autumn Cat
These are some short stories. short stories that basically ship the reader and dead by daylight characters if you read the title. Please do me a favor and read these sto...
  • romance
  • deadbydaylight
  • ×readers
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Slasher  Boyfriend Scenarios  by mydemons12
Slasher Boyfriend Scenarios by DANKEMOS
I don't see many of these so I thought I would write one also if you don't see your favorit let me know and tell me who you want in it and I'll add them. Also this is my...
  • boyfriendscenarios
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That Maldita Gangster by DangerousMalditaGirl
That Maldita Gangsterby Maeldita
"I'm Angelica Blair Mistwood. Maganda ka? Talaga? Anong magagawa ng ganda mo pag sinampal kita?"
  • killers
  • death
  • assassin
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|LEMON ONESHOT|•Michael Myers X Reader X Jason Voorhess• by Imagine_Zerla
|LEMON ONESHOT|•Michael Myers X IZ
It's going to be HEATED!!~ QUITE GRAPHIC.
  • michaelmyers
  • killers
  • lemon
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Sinner's Club: Dark Romance One-Shots | 18+ by HinataDate
Sinner's Club: Dark Romance R.L. Kitchen
- Book 1 - A collection of dark romantic one-shots that range through many genres. There will be erotic and regular one-shots in this collection. Cover by: @LavendarEyes...
  • hinatadate
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The Salvation Series by SamiCoops
The Salvation Seriesby SamiCoops
**Now Featured on @Fright's Gloom and Doom Gothic Tales!!!*** *First place in the Horror Genre in the Pen and Ink Awards* *First place in the Horror Genre in the Recogni...
  • evilbreeds
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"Whos Your Daddy?" (Jeff The Killer X Reader) Lemon by Little_Cute_Lemons
"Whos Your Daddy?" (Jeff The Little_Cute_Lemons
This book contains vary sexual content. Rated at least 13+. If you DON'T like JEFF THE KILLER or LEMONS I highly suggest you DON'T read this. With that being said I hope...
  • love
  • creepypasta
  • killers
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Dead by Daylight Killers X Reader Oneshots by GracyGirl101
Dead by Daylight Killers X 💛Hayley~Grace💛
The title says it all. Going to be lots of fluff, and lots of smut ;D ((ALSO!!! Just so you know, the reader in the oneshot scenarios will usually have a innocent, child...
  • dbdkillers
  • michaelmyers
  • freddykrueger
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Kidnapped by Cannibals (Fan Book) by TheArtisticReader_
Kidnapped by Cannibals (Fan Book)by TheArtisticReader_
Okay let me put this in a way you'll understand: This👏is👏a👏fan👏book👏 So don't go in the comments saying "you copied" or "this is is the exact same pl...
  • messedup
  • annie
  • ellie
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Bad Girls Have Bad Secrets by essoteric
Bad Girls Have Bad Secretsby a r d e n
Victoria Navitski's already messed up life turned sideways after the death of a close family member. Now, not only does she need to protect herself from the attacks of r...
  • gangs
  • action
  • murder
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The Jeon Brothers/Vkook ft Vmin&Taegi by ASugaCube
The Jeon Brothers/Vkook ft Vmin& HiAtUs
Kim Taehyung was an innocent boy, head over heels for his classmate and school's bad boy Park Jimin. But when Jimin's true face is revealed along with a traumatizing ev...
  • topkook
  • killers
  • vkook
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Team RWBY x Team TALN by Zillaworld
Team RWBY x Team TALNby ZillaWorld
(I do own RWBY and RWBY is owned by RoosterTeeth. So I don't own any of the characters.) Takes place at the beginning Volume 1. Four girls form a team at Beacon Academy...
  • blakebelladonna
  • semblance
  • ốc
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There's a Reason Horror Movies are Rated R by rottenbunni
There's a Reason Horror Movies No Eyes + Dead Guys
Here we have any average house hold of your typical, infamous horror movie killers; Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Ghostface. But what will happen whe...
  • horrormovie
  • jasonvorhees
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mr six / markxgot7 ff by JAYDETUAN
mr six / markxgot7 ffby 爱
❝sinful but sweet lechery❞ in which six notorious serial contract killers known as mister six all fall in love with a potential victim after the boy witnesses the...
  • markbam
  • sinner
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