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A DARK SENSATION TINGLED in my muscles, as tiny beads of sweat dewed my forehead

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A DARK SENSATION TINGLED in my muscles, as tiny beads of sweat dewed my forehead.

Did he really just say that? With that tone?

I let out a squeak. "You're not making this better."

"What do you mean?" he asked, face like a sculpture.

"Your blank demeanor is making this feel like a prison movie. Either you're a guard about to stick your hand up my ass to see if I have drugs, or you're a prisoner whose about to make me their bitch."

An unknown emotion entered his eyes, lightening them for a second before the blankness on his face began to crack, a chuckle leaving his lips. "Sorry. I'm trying not to make you uncomfortable."

"You cannot not make this uncomfortable," I said making myself laugh. The laughing made me relax and kind of forget that I was half-naked. "Where do you want me to... bend?"

"Over the arm of the recliner," he said, bending down for the peroxide and a clean cloth.

Learning over the recliner arm, my nails clenched the suede fabric, holding myself in place. If anyone walked in, this would totally look like doggy-style.

A long exhale left my lips, waiting for him to start. Teeth sank into my bottom lip when his soft fingers finally touched my ass cheek, lifting up the edge of my panties. I lowered my eyes to the carpet, trying to stop the warmth spreading to my face.

A few moments later, short torrents of pain skittered up my ass and back, killing the fresh warmth in my cheeks.

"I got shot in the ass?" I winced as he dabbed at my left ass cheek with the peroxide-covered cloth.

He stifled a hearty chuckle. "Guess Gmie is a good shot."

I winced. "It-t wasn't her. Her flunky Demo shot me."

"Who was the third person?" he asked, still dabbing.

"I don't know..." That unanswered question circled my mind, making me block out the pain for a second. Who was it? "They never took their mask off nor did they ever talk. It had to be Chi or Aries though. They're all really good friends."

"Gmie's created a nice group for herself," Khan said as he took out a bandage, smacking it on my ass. And then he did the same for the other two wounds on my right thigh and calf.

"Yeah, people flock to her for some reason," I said before letting out a long breath.

"People like strong personalities. And she definitely has one," he said, closing up his kit before dropping two Tylenol packets in my hand. "Some people like to be led around instead of thinking for themselves, especially in this type of environment."

I eyed his room as he put away the giant first aid kit. "How'd you get all of this?"

"Requested it," Khan said. "And built everything myself. I like being comfortable, and I like being prepared for everything. Plus, it's nice never having to leave for anything."

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