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Author Note

Sorry for not uploading in a while, guys! My vacay got extended, and I had some family issues to sort out. And this new Pokémon game has also got me distracted lol so in return for my laziness, I'm giving you two new chapters. Enjoy! :)


PAIN. An intense wave of agony slurped through my entire body when my brain brought me back to consciousness. Haggard gasps spewed from my mouth as I blinked, trying to clear the plastic film that seemed to cover my eyes.

But no matter what, the blurriness wouldn't fade, and I couldn't move. No matter how much I commanded my brain to do something. It didn't listen.

What the fuck? Betinia? Betin — wait. I'm by myself now.

My last memories started to flood to the surface. Layla's killer. That fucking bitch got away. However, we did have A LOT of fun together. The punching and the cutting and the pain would forever stay with like an uncurable STD. And less not forget the taste.

A smile formed on my lips, remembering the savage yet succulent bite that I left on Layla's killer. Who knew ripping through silky flesh with your teeth while warm blood shot into your mouth would be so... orgasmic?

The experience was so fucking exhilarating. I should've been biting people before. Fuck knives. Using your teeth was where it was at.

Even so, Layla's killer might think they got away. But nah. I was going to find them, and I was going to fucking torture the shit out of them while deliciously getting my rocks off. And then, I'd drain the life from their body — slowly and painfully.  

But maybe I should go for Gmie first? That stuck up bitch has had it coming since day one. Yeah. My hands and mouth were going to mutilate her mind and body from the outside in. She'll be screaming my name and wriggling more than when Demo made her cum. I'd be—

Why does that sound more sexual than threatening?  Wait. I thought you were gone. Kind of. I'm really weak, but I wanted to talk before I fully left for a while. Talk? You just want to lecture me and give me rules. Like right now you're gonna tell me not to kill anyone, right?

Honestly, no. Do what you want. We've been mostly doing it my way, and it isn't working. We've almost died how many times? Maybe it's time we do it your way. You're fucking with me, right? Slightly. I knew it.

You can do things your way but try to think about the consequences before you act? Ah, alright. And stay with your team. You can trust them. I don't trust anyone. I know that, but we can't win this game alone. When we tried  to do it alone, we almost died. I know you experience somewhat of what I experience, and deep down you know you like them.

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