29 | Don't Go

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FUCK. I should let her die. I should just turn around and mind my fucking business — but what if that was me? Wait, wasn't that me earlier? If Khan didn't help me, I could be dead right now.

But still, should I put myself in danger to help some... stranger? Fuck her — no. No, help her. No — the weakest fall first, and she was weak. Let her die. No. Be a decent human being for once.

That constant back and forth in my head, the uncertainty, started to make me feel dizzy. Since I woke up in that abandoned room, Tini kept slipping out so easily, breaking down tight barriers that I'd kept up for years. This never happened before; it was starting to scare me.

What if I was becoming like my mother? Just slowly slipping into the darkness and soon there'd be no return?

Would my mother have cared? Would she save Layla under the same circumstances? A bitter laugh ate at my soul. No, she wouldn't. My mother killed her own children, her own flesh and blood. Why the hell would she help a stranger? She wouldn't because she was evil, and I wouldn't go down that path. Never.

I pulled away from Sebastian, walking back to the door. "I'm saving her."

Chi snorted while fixing her tight, transparent nightgown, pulling it down over her thighs. "If you do, you're stupid. She's dead already."

Sebastian glared at me, blue eyes blazing to a high intensity. "She's right, Betinia. It's a suicide mission."

Staring through the door, Big Bertha towered over Layla, teeth drooling on her trembling body. The other mutant spiders hissed, rattling their loud cages, wanting blood.

Time was running out. I needed to move.

My eyes roamed over the spider room, thinking. Killing the mutant bitch would be impossible right now. But maybe I didn't have to kill her, just distract her by exploiting a weakness. But what was a mutant spider's weakness?

I didn't know.

I continued to watch Layla sob and crawl backward, trying to get away from the big mutant. But Big Bertha wasn't backing down. She kept following Layla, her loud stomps sending debris everywhere.

"Helping her is a stupid idea," Sebastian said next to me.

My fingers dug into my palm, feeling a surge of adrenaline, chasing away the current pain throbbing through me. "Well, it's my mistake to make, right?"

"No," Sebastian said. "It's not."

What was his problem? Why did he care so much about what I was doing? Yes, he's been nice and all, and I appreciate everything he's done for me, but this was coming off as a bit... controlling. I didn't like that.

I stalked away from him. "Khan."

Khan lounged near the other door at the end of the hall. It was locked, so everyone crowded around it. He stepped away from the wall and toward me. "Yes?"

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