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"WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE." Gmie hustled across the hallway with her team waltzing behind her like little minions. She stopped a few feet in front of me. "Look, everyone. Betinia decided to grace us with her nutsy presence." Her teeth grinned at me. "We haven't seen you in a while. Whatcha been up to?"

"Nothing," I said, squaring my shoulders. No matter what I said they were going to do whatever to me anyway. Might as well fight back.

"She was probably crying all these days," Demo said, slinging an arm around Gmie. "I would too if I knew I was dying soon."

My long nails jabbed into my palm. I hated that she was right. I was wallowing in misery all those days, but not anymore. "Mind your business. You don't need to know what I was doing."

"I own this place now, so it is my business." Gmie chuckled, scratching at her tight bun. "While you were gone, I took over. Everyone listens to me now."

I laughed in her face. "You think that, but no one really likes you."

Demo sucked in her cheeks. "Stop making up lies. You heard our meeting about you. Everyone was on Gm's side."

"They were just pretending to listen to her big mouth," I said, tossing my hair over my shoulder. "To trick all of you. They're all really voting off Chi."

Chi let out an annoying gasp, cheeks red. "Fuck you, bitch. All the guys love me. I ain't going nowhere." Pursing her lips, she squeezed her ass. "Khan was the best though. He's a real ass man."

"Opening your legs doesn't mean they won't vote for you." I stared at her like she was stupid. "Men can easily fuck and still do what they want."

Chi clenched her teeth. "They wouldn't do that."

"You're either very naïve or very stupid," I said.

Aries pushed Chi out of the way and stood in front of me. He poked me in the chest hard. "Keep talking to her like that, and I'm gonna—"

"What's going on here?" Sebastian rounded the corner with his lips set in a tight line.

Gmie instantly turned, a smile hugging her cheeks. "Just talking. Betinia is very excited about the voting session."

I coughed. "Very. I can't wait to watch your plan blow up in your face."

Gmie glowered at me, and I smiled before backpedaling into the kitchen. It was empty. Good. I let out a sigh before leaning against the island. Being a smartass was a lot harder with Tini gone.

I missed her for a split second before brushing that feeling away and walking toward the food armoire. Shuffling through it, I grabbed a package of shrimp ramen. My last meal could be processed noodles. Even John Wayne Gacy got KFC for his last meal.

I tossed the packet to the bottom shelf and looked for something else. My fingers rustled through more packaged foods, looking for something better, but then my knuckles brushed against the back of the armoire. A hole. THE HOLE!

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