33 |The Panties of a Nun

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BUT I DIDN'T GET THE LUXURY of seeing Gmie's dead body under my hands

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BUT I DIDN'T GET THE LUXURY of seeing Gmie's dead body under my hands.

Demo gripped me back by my hair, dragging me back across the floor. Stinging agony sprinted across my scalp from her pulling. I grunted, trying to wiggle out of her hold, but I couldn't so I lurched forward instead, making her tumble onto the ground with me.

"You're just a useless bitch," I said, slapping her across the face once she landed next to me. "You're just a stupid fucking flunky."

Demo cried out and then lodged herself at me, trying to slap me back. But I put an arm up, blocking her attacks while wrapping my legs around her waist, squeezing her ribs with my thighs until she lost her breath and paused.

Within a second of that pause, I backhanded her off of me and was about to jump on top of her but masculine arms stopped me. Khan.

"Calm down," he whispered in my ear, arms wrapped around my tummy from behind.

The raw anger spewing through me didn't want to be calmed, but Khan wouldn't let me go, no matter how hard I tugged so I just sagged against him, defeated.

Sebastian held back Demo who was bleeding from her nose again as she coughed and yelled at me.

Aries kneeled near the pit, helping Gmie onto the ledge. His hand slapped her awake because she was just floating there, dazed with bugs just crawling in and out of her. Once conscious, she slithered across the floor, gasping for breath.

While coughing and screaming at the same time, she sneered up at me from the ground. "You're done bitch. Done. Believe that!"

And again, I tried to go for her, but Khan held on. "You're not going to get between her and Aries," he whispered. "Chill."

My heart thundered in my chest, causing shivers to slink up and down my spine. I just wanted to get my hands on her — just let me hurt her some more. Please.

"God, I think I just came in my pants." Jookie licked his lips, shivering. "You really know how to show a guy a good time, my bloody peach." He looked from the coughing Gmie to Khan holding me back. "I'm liking how this is unfolding... but we don't have time to focus on it more because we have to break the five-way tie by—"

He cut himself off, finger going to his ear, listening. Head nodding a couple of times, he grinned. "Well, we were originally going to have another climbing session to pick the Bottom Doe Three, but the producers have something else in mind." He stared around at all of us. "Losers. Meet in the common room at midnight for the new challenge. If you don't, you're dead. Byeeee."

Waving to us once more, Jookie hurried away with some guards to the side door, never looking back.

A beefy guard from the side stomped toward us. "Follow me. I'm taking you back to your quarters." Then he turned, walking toward some double doors. Some of the contestants followed behind them.

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