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DID they all agree? Did they all want me gone? If so, I was fucking screwed

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DID they all agree? Did they all want me gone? If so, I was fucking screwed.

Yaz, wearing plaid pants and a black bralette, lounged near the stove. "Is this really what you called all of us here for? To convince us to vote for Betinia? Because you don't like her?"

Gmie cleared her throat, fiery annoyance shading her features. "I know all those years of growing up in poverty and inhaling city pollution may have eliminated some of your brain cells, so I'll repeat myself. No—"

"You better watch your mouth, hoe," Yaz said, cutting her off, fist clenched tight.

Demo moved from the wall, standing behind Gmie like a tiny bodyguard, glowering at Yaz. "Or what?"

Gmie smirked a bit before continuing. "No, I didn't bring you here for that. I'm not here to convince you of anything because all of you already know that Betinia is a threat. She's been figuring out shit—"

"Which is good," Rucker said near the swinging door, arms hanging at his side. "Her Nancy Drewing shit helped clear my name. She saved my fucking life."

"Okay?" Gmie placed her hands on her hips. "Woohoo, so what? You guys want to go home, right? We need to get rid of the strongest, and she's it."

Rucker let out a frustrated breath. "So we get rid of the strong and keep the weak like Layla? Look what she did to Betinia in that last challenge? What if we get another group challenge, and I get her? Fuck that."

"We'll get rid of Layla next," Gmie said. "We need to get rid of Betinia right now."

"On what basis?" Sebastian asked from the island seat. His bright blonde hair was wet like he just got out of the shower, soft strand sticking to his forehead and behind his ears. "Cause she's a threat? Everyone's a threat. Look at Fee. Can any of you beat him in a fight?"

No one responded.

Fee who was standing near the fridge just grunted and shrugged.

Gmie glared at Sebastian. "That's a totally different thing."

Khan gazed at her, face blank. "How? If you don't mind me asking? You said Betinia was a threat, right? So is Fee. What's the difference between them?"

"There's a big difference," Gmie screamed, cheeks shuddering. "Do I really have to go through the reasons why she needs to go?"

Yaz pushed her plastic glasses closer to her nose. "Yup."

Several people murmured in agreement.

"Fine. First off, she's fucking nuts. We can all agree on that, right?" Gmie swerved her head around at the group. "She had fun dissecting a fucking corpse."

Everyone stayed silent.

"She licked blood and acted like she wanted to fuck a goddamn brain. A brain, ladies and gentlemen." Gmie squinted. "Who the hell wants to live with someone like that? She'll probably slit our throats as we sleep and try to win the whole game."

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