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WE ALL GATHERED AROUND KHAN AT THE BAR, EXCEPT YAZ. She stayed on her pillow, leaning back while sipping her tequila bottle, looking like a bored supermodel.

A small envelope hung from the big bow, and Khan placed the gift on the bar and ripped off the letter, opening it. It contained a red card with writing.

"Enjoy these gifts and games, my little contestants," Khan read. "A thousand points to all of you if one of you eat my cake and another thousand if you drink my juice. If you all eat and drink, you all get four thousand points each."

A nauseous expression formed on Sebastian's face. "Do we have to drink his jizz or something?"

Rucker curled his lip. "Fuck that. Ain't no points or money in the world for me to do that shit."

"I don't think he meant that," Khan said, putting the note on bar and started opening the box.

I peered around his arm, spying the back of the note. It had a small message on the back.

Khan put the note onto the bar and started opening the box. I spied the back of the note, seeing a small message on the back.

your enemies are not lost, waiting;
gone: when you look away,
whispering your fate

Was that another riddle from Jookie?

Sebastian sighed, fingering the note. "What's with this ominous poetry crap? It's so cliché."

"It must mean something," I said, turning away from the note to watch Khan open the box. He already took off the bow and was now taking off the lid.

His eyes swirled a bit, meaning he saw something interesting. A hazy glass bottle packed with glowing pink liquid rested in his hand. Glowing yellow star floated in the sea of pinkness, glittering like polished gems.

The next thing he pulled out was a plate filled with five cubes of shimmery cake. A "drink me" tag hung from the neck of the bottle while the plate had an "eat me" card. Besides those two things, there was just a bunch of party games at the bottom of the box.

Khan looked at the cake and the bottle. "What should we do?"

"Toss that shit," Yaz said, still on her pillow. "It could be poisonous."

"Wouldn't it be bad for business to kill us?" I asked. "Wouldn't the viewers think they were cheating again?"

"Especially since we made such a ruckus earlier," Khan said, agreeing. "If we're going off the Alice and Wonderland tags, the cake and the drink must be laced with some type of hallucinogen."

"Even so, the prize for consuming them is amazing," Sebastian said, eyeing the food. "For every one of us who consumes some, we each get a thousand points. Each."

"But we can fucking die," Rucker countered.

"Okay? We can die at any time," Sebastian said.

"Okay, you drink and eat it then." Rucker went over to the smoking grill and took off the newly cooked food and placed it in an empty aluminum plan. "If you die, the only one who'll miss you will be Betinia."

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