28 | Aliens & Big Bertha

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My head twisted back and forth at an alarming rate, zeroing in on the red eyes that seemed to get closer with every passing second. An icy shiver slithered along my back, and my insides twisted.

The abnormal red eyes continued to just stare, never blinking. Not once. What the hell were these things? Wolves? Lions? Evil Penguins? I couldn't tell, because they made no noise. Completely silent.

"Holy mother of god," Rucker said in the darkness, breaking the eerie silence.

I spun, trying to follow his voice. He was behind me, but I couldn't pinpoint exactly where because it was too dark.

"Wow, who knew the moron could actually speak more than one syllable," Gmie said, voice slightly shaky. She sounded far away from me. Lucky bitch.

"Even near death, you're still a cunt," Rucker said with an edge in his tone.

"We're not near death," Sebastian said in a calming tone. "It's just a challenge."

"That doesn't mean we still can't die," Chi said with fear in her voice. "We're going to get eaten by — by — by — whatever t-those t-things a-are."

"They're probably aliens," Aries said.

Layla squeaked. "A-aliens?!"

"Aliens? Really?" Yaz said before snorting. "You really need to get off them videos games. They're frying your brain cells."

"Fuck you," Aries said, tone harsh. "Everyone secretly knows that they're watching us from space. All the time. They're the reason why the seasons change."

"Am I the only one hearing this crazy shit," Yaz said in disbelief. "You're fucking with me, right? You think aliens are the reasons why it snows?"

"I'm not crazy!" Aries said, close to yelling. "Aliens use their tentacles to beam down to earth, hitting our atmosphere and that's how snow is made."

"Aries, do you really believe that?" Khan asked.

"Yes! Because it's true," Aries said. "Aliens — the Tieys made us. Created us and everything we have as humans. They're the reasons we have water — they created the oceans and the trees with their hyperkinetic minds—"

Yaz cut him off. "Someone please get this crazy fool cause I'm done."

"I hope you're the first non-believer to die when they finally descend onto our planet and save us from our incompetent government," Aries said in a cruel tone.
"They don't need people like you around when they finally take us to their heavenly honeypot."

Okay. Just stop. Was he serious?

"Oh my god, you're so fucking delusion," Yaz said, voice high-pitched. "People like you shouldn't breed."

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