76 | Machete Time

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You guys like the new cover?

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You guys like the new cover?


"YOU GETTING ATTACHED?" Yaz asked me, looking down at Duke as we sat alone in Khan's room.

Duke was napping in my lap again on the bed, eyes closed, a peaceful aura glinting off his dark fur. He made himself tired by barking and scratching at the locked bathroom door for an hour straight.

I felt really bad, but I needed to be alone and process everything. It was sort of awkward when I emerged from the bathroom an hour later, everyone on edge and confused.

I didn't tell them who really killed Layla. I just told them to let me speak first and to trust me, and surprisingly, no one objected. I guessed they really did trust me, even after my mini-freak out.

I was glad they did because I kept the truth to myself for a reason. I had something to say before I revealed everything — something that would eat at me if I didn't let it out.

"I'm trying not to, but I think my heart already is," I said, brushing his head.

After everything settled down a bit, the boys all left. Sebastian said he wanted to go change clothes, while Khan went to the gym with Rucker.

Yaz sat next to me on the bed, brushing Duke's side. "They had to give him to you for some stupid ass reason."

I knew that, but I still couldn't help it. He was so lively and funny, and I couldn't help but fall for him.

"They gave him to me to torture me about my past," I said, looking down at the sleeping doggy. "I had a dog just like him as a child, but he died. Horribly."

"This game just gets more fucked up the longer we play," Yaz said before sighing. "I'm dreading that next challenge. I feel like it's gonna be worse than eating human meat."

"Ugh, I can't even imagine," I said, shivering. "Remember that giant cake thingy?"

"I'll never forget the hot piss." Yaz closed her eyes. "And the shit? And the spiders? Oh god it was thousands of them." Her shoulders jumped like there was one on her now.

"And people are just betting on us," I said, sucking my teeth, "like animals."

"It's weird talking to 'my fans'," Yaz said, shaking her head. "There are people really out there rooting for me to win. It's crazy."

"You talk to them?" I asked her. "I never even go on my page or my live chat. I've never even requested anything."

"You better," she said, sitting up. "Think about it, they probably let us get 'fans' for a reason. I have a feeling they're gonna do a competition on who has the most."

"And if you don't," I said, getting to what she meant.

"They might cut you," she said with a shrug. "It's not hard. Just chat with them. They'll probably just end up asking you stupid questions. I do have a few kinky motherfuckers who want me to talk dirty to them, but they send me nice stuff so I don't care."

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