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HAVE YOU EVER HATED SOMEONE SO MUCH that just looking at them pissed you off?

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HAVE YOU EVER HATED SOMEONE SO MUCH that just looking at them pissed you off?

Just the mere presence of them — just the thought of knowing that they were breathing the same air as you just ate at your soul.

For me, that someone was Layla.

I did so much for her over the last several days, and she couldn't do the simplest thing to save us both. My hands craved her neck, wanting to squeeze the life out of her. To feel her soft skin underneath my nails, digging in until liquid dripped from the crescent marks.

Her faint sobs echoed around the kitchen as the guards stomped into the room, picking her up off the floor, carrying her from my view and away from my reach. Damnit.

"Monsters! All of you are monsters!" Layla cried down the hall, her sobbing fading as they carried her away. "You need to be cleansed. Cleansed! Zimmie was right. I need to cleanse all of you. I will. I will do God's work. I will clean you monsters."

Monsters? Well this monster saved your life twice bitch. Violent rage feasted on my insides, festering at the thought of her getting away from me.

It was his fault — Jookie. He came between me and her. And he'd pay for that.

When I told him to take me somewhere, it wasn't out of likeness, even though I wanted it to come off that way. No. My invitation had an ulterior motive. I'd show him what happened to people who got in my way, no matter the consequences.

The remaining guards pushed the other contestants from the kitchen, the door slamming shut behind them. Only Jookie and I remained. Alone — together.

Just like I wanted it.

A flirtish grin absorbed my lips, cocking my head to the side. "Jookie," I whispered, tone raspy.

His sharp gaze fell upon me, taking in my gory form. "Yes, my bloody peach?"

Wandering over to him, I snatched the chef's hat off his head and tossed it. "Ready to go?" I asked, gripping his hand. His long fingers brushed against mine, a roughness tickling my softness.

A mischievous grin formed on his face. "Of course." Eyes dancing, he pulled me close to his side, ruining his white outfit when my filthy body touched him, but he didn't seem to care.

We left the kitchen through a hidden side entrance all the way in the back. After going through the tall door, two wide hallways greeted us; the right was brightly lit, while the left was pitch black.

Jookie led me down the left hallway, the darkness cloaking our bodies like thick molasses on skin. The hum of our faint breathing and thwacking hearts saturated the close atmosphere.

With my vision blacked out, I could only feel as we trudged forward down the hall. A toasty warmness radiated from his touch, slithering up my arm, almost making me shiver.

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