32 | Drown That Hoe

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MY BODY SLUMPED AGAINST THE marble stairs of the cake device, all feeling lost except for the eerie sensation of hairy spider legs crawling along my skin

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MY BODY SLUMPED AGAINST THE marble stairs of the cake device, all feeling lost except for the eerie sensation of hairy spider legs crawling along my skin.

Dead. That's the word that I would use to describe myself at this current moment. Completely and utterly dead.

The first time I ever felt this feeling I was seven, and I just walked in on my mother trying to stab Angie. But then, Angie somehow got control and stabbed her first, making my mother drop to the floor, blood seeping around her like a blossoming crimson flower.

I didn't remember too much after that. Just Angie crying and the police ushering us out of the house, and the flash of the paparazzi and newscasters. But that feeling.... it was unforgettable — the sensation of murky blackness and decaying nothingness slithering through my veins like a flesh-eating virus, consuming everything yet destroying nothing.

My therapist called it shock. Maybe. I just knew nothing good followed when I had that feeling. From previous experience, only bad things followed. Like now.

"Will all the losers please get their lazy asses up and stand in a line across the west wall," Jookie said, flying around on the platform above. "Please and thank you — hugs and kisses."

Fuck you.

My body wouldn't move — I couldn't move. Throbbing pain and the awful odors of my body and everything I just endured — piss, shit, vomit, sewage — consumed my entire existence.

The only thing that would move was my eyes, and I saw that I wasn't alone. Layla sobbed, still never moving. Chi sobbed too, her tears glistening down like tiny chocolate balls because of her filthy face as she slumped near the bug pit.

I couldn't see Aries, but I spotted Yaz slumped up high on the cake device, almost halfway there. Annoyance colored her symmetrical face. She slowly started to backtrack down, body trembling.

"Hurry up, bitches! Get up. We have shit to do today," Jookie said, losing his cheerful demeanor. What the fuck was wrong with his ass?

He flew over our heads again for a couple of seconds more before bringing the platform to the ground, stepping far away from the cake device so that he was on clean flooring.

"Now, fuckers! Move it!" Jookie clapped his hands on each word, face frowned, eyes slitted. "Get up you fucking losers."

The sharpness of his tone brought a spark to my body. A tingle began in my fingertips, extending throughout my entire body. It felt like an annoying ache at first, mixing with the pain in my muscles until a numbness flooded through me, easing the pain and stiffness.

With Jookie berating us the whole time, it took us at least fifteen minutes before all of us losers were able to drag our disgusting bodies to the wall. All of us looked and felt like shit.

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