58 | Secret Passageway

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TOUGH. Today's been a very tough day, and that was being generous.

My body shivered under the shower nozzle, steaming water spilling down my shoulders and back. It was on the hottest setting, yet I still felt filthy.

Droplets drenched the cuts on my palms, a stinging sensation radiating up my wrists. I held my one hand up, staring at the wound that Rucker gave me.

Sebastian wasn't happy about my newly found alliance. He complained all the way back to my room with Rucker trailing behind us because he didn't trust Sebastian, which prompted another argument between them. Boys.

I'm sorry, Sebastian, I thought to myself. I wanted to go home, and Rucker's alliance was a necessity. I needed to start playing the game and forming alliances was one way to do that.

I should've tried explaining that to him, but both guys just kept arguing, so I just told them both to stop and that I was going to go shower.

Rucker agreed, saying he would do the same, but I secretly thought he might go look for Layla again. I didn't blame him if he did. She did kidnap him and cover him in shit so...

But I couldn't say that I didn't feel for her. She spent her whole life being manipulated by the only father figure she'd ever adored. He disciplined her mind with erratic scripture and sinister lessons while killing innocent people in front of her. Who wouldn't be a little fucked up after that?

A soft whimper brought me from my thoughts, and I turned off the water and grabbed a towel. Duke barked at me when I opened the bathroom door and licked my feet.

"Hey boy," I said scratching his head, his uncontrollable giddiness bringing a smile to my face. I truly loved Duke; his presence definitely made my situation better.

Loud knocks erased the smile off my face, making me alert. Who could that be? Grabbing my iPad, I searched the camera footage for the hallway outside my door, and my eyes widened.

Layla lounged against my door, a hard-plastic sound knocking against my door. "Lily — Betinia," she slurred. "Lily — Bet... don't l-leave me alone. P-please." A sob caught her throat.

My hand dropped to my side. Should I let her in? What if it was all a trick just to get back at me? I hesitated at the doorknob and shook my head. She tried to fucking kill me earlier! But still... her tears and her tone of voice sounded so sad and lost.

You can't keep helping people, I thought to myself. It wasn't smart nor safe to keep taking chances. My mind and heart had an internal struggle for several minutes until all noise stopped.

Looking back at the camera, I saw that she was gone. As I searched through the cameras for her, I couldn't find her, so I kept swiping through the cameras, trying to see where she went until Gmie popped on my screen.

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