16 | The Blind Spot

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AFTER WAVING GOODBYE TO THE GUYS, I left to go back to my room, but my tummy rumbled

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AFTER WAVING GOODBYE TO THE GUYS, I left to go back to my room, but my tummy rumbled. Food sounded good right now. I haven't really eaten since I've been here. Gmie spoiled breakfast for me with her pissy attitude.

On my way to the kitchen, Layla sat in the same spot that I'd seen her in earlier, still whispering to the wall. This time she turned away for a moment and spotted me and started hurrying over, a toxically sweet aroma coming with her. It didn't smell like it was coming off her though. Almost like it was consuming the air around her.

"Betinia." She ran up to me, grabbing my hand. "I have a new friend now. Zimmie."


"She talks to me. I hear her in the walls and in my head," she said, eyes blinking. "She said god's with me. Always. And that he put me here for a reason. To do his bidding and help everyone."

"So you hear Zimmie and God in your head?" I asked her.

"Yes." A big smile kissed her lips. "I felt alone before but now I have two people who love me in my head. It's wonderful. They talk to me through the walls too."

"That's great, Layla."

"I know," she said before giggling and skipping away.

Layla was really losing it, or maybe this was just a weird way to cope? It was healthier than crying. I think.

Fee moved around the kitchen, scrubbing the stove clean when I entered.

"Hungry?" he grunted at me.

"Umm, yes," I said.

"Fried chicken and potato salad?" he murmured, pulling a package of chicken out of the fridge.

Uhh, yeah.

"I'll help you." He couldn't poison me if I watched him.

"Cut potatoes," he said, nodding to the kitchen's backroom.

The back room of the kitchen was a medium-size hallway area that led out into another part of the house if you kept straight. Not seeing any potatoes in the cubbies, I opened the large, ancient-looking armoire that held the canned goods.

Dozens of shiny cans littered the rectangle area. Needing both hands to search, I placed my iPad on the floor in front of me before shuffling through the cans to see if the potatoes might've fallen in the back.

As my body arched into the cabinet, something or rather nothing materialized on the screen below. My eyes widened at the hidden gem, thinking I was seeing things, so I tried it again.

Every time I entered the armoire, I disappeared off the cameras. Actually, the kitchen's backroom didn't have a camera installed. The nearest cameras were on the outer door, which only caught the first few feet into the back room, and the other one faced away from the backroom, to record the side hallway.

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