60 | The A-Team or Something Villainy

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QUIETNESS. Silence. That's all that drenched the atmosphere as my eyes peered around, looking at the nine potential killers that could be calculating my death in their minds at this very moment.

I really was cursed.

Rucker stomped over and slung an arm over my shoulder. "Look here, people. This is my ally. I know those rewards that Jookie was spewing out his mouth sound pretty damn good, but I hope it's worth your life because I will kill you if you come for her, capeesh?"

My head swung to Rucker, surprise written in my eyes. He wasn't going to try and kill me? When we sliced each other's hands, he took that shit seriously. Yes.

But what if he just wanted to get me alone and kill me himself? He did kill his own brother.

He pointed a finger at Gmie. "Everyone already knows you have the biggest hardon for her, so I'll be watching you extra hard. Don't try it."

Gmie huffed and gritted her teeth but didn't say anything.

I could get used to this ally thing.

Sebastian glared at him. "You're the psychopath here. I trust Gmie more than I trust you."

Rucker settled his dark eyes on Sebastian, mouth frowning. "I don't trust you either, cotton candy," he said. "Anyone who looks like they should be working for the IRS isn't trustworthy."

Sebastian turned bright red. "Look here—"

Chi let out a long breathe. "Can you guys can it? We have twenty-four hours to solve this thing."

Yaz furrowed her brows. "Who said anything about solving it together? This is a game, remember?"

Chi shrugged. "We get the same points either way, so why not?"

Yaz let out a loud, condescending snort. "Just cause you left Gmie's crew don't mean your slate's clean, bitch. You guys planned on killing all of us, why would any of us want to work or help you?"

"We don't want  to work with you, anyway," Gmie said, turning her eyes on me. "We'll figure out who really did this on our own."

"Good cause I'll cut off my left nut before working with you," Rucker said.

Sebastian motioned to me. "We're not working with you either," he said, eyeing Rucker.

Rucker cleared his throat. "Look here, pillowcase. I'm getting sick of you—"

"Can't we all just work together?" I asked, cutting him off and they both look at me. "I'm allies with both of you, so let's just work together? Same points either way."

"But he's a psycho," Sebastian said.

"And you're probably a repressed momma's boy who sniffs dirty panties." Rucker shrugged. "So, I don't trust you either."

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