45 | Sweet Cutting Revenge

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MOTHER. I couldn't shake that familiar feeling, but it wasn't her. It couldn't be. No.

Jookie straightened up, hand going to his ear, listening. Probably talking to the producers. He glanced at me and then the next card and then back at me again.

Crumbling it up, he tossed it behind him. "Let's move on..." he said, shuffling through the rest of the cards.

What? I expected more harsh questions about my stay at the psych ward, but he stopped. Why?

"Next question," Jookie said, looking down at his new card. He let out a small laugh. "What do you say to the people who ship you with Gmie?"

I snorted. "Eat a dick. Next question."

"While we're talking about Gmie," Jookie said, placing the cards besides him. "She mentioned a couple of days ago about you being a spy, which sent viewers into a frenzy. Everyone wants to know, are you a spy for the game?"

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, I work for the people who are literally putting all my personal business out there for everyone see. Yeah, I'd totally work for them."

"Well, you did win the first challenge, and you did find out Tiran's secret."

"That doesn't make me a spy though," I said, rubbing my hand on the hem of my dress. "I'm just really observant, and I think differently than most people. I work on instinct, and I see the small details that most people ignore. And I don't jump to conclusions."

"So what about the people who are saying you're too close to me?" Jookie asked, sidling closer to me. "That you're cozying up to me to get special privileges."

"The people who think that are fucking stupid," I said, scratching my dress. "Why the hell would I want special privileges? I don't even request things. My room is literally a white empty box." I looked at him. "Plus, I think you have more integrity than to let your dick ruin your job. Fucking a contestant probably wouldn't sit well with the producers, right?"

He gave me a teasing smirk. "Maybe. But that contestant might be worth the risk." A delightful laugh left his lips when I rolled my eyes at him.

"Since you're clearly denying that you're a spy, do you think there is one?" he asked, going back on topic. "Or do you think it's just a stupid rumor?"

I nibbled on my lip. "I don't know. It would make sense to have one. To make sure the game ran smoothly."

"Any idea on who it could be?"

"No. It could be anyone, really." That unknown question burned in my mind.

Jookie switched to the next card. "Another thing that had viewers buzzing was that third masked figure with Gmie. Everyone wants to know who it was."

"Do you know who it is?"

"Of course, but do you?"

"It had to be someone in her clique," I said with a shrug. "Aries or Chi."

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