Bye Falisha

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Its a date late but for some reason it wouldn't let me upload this yesterday but here it is an HAPPY HALLOWEEN! !!!!!!!!!!

Lay's p.o.v

I've been in jail for a month like wtf she's supposed to be helping me but im still here i want to do her how i did candy but i know i cant do that because i would be in here longer.  I was sitting on my bunk letting my tears flow as i looked at a picture of my kids tiff managed to send me one.

I miss them so much I've been away from them for to long they only way i fell like there safe is if there with me. The guard opened the cell doors.

Guard:  Jackson your wanted

I wiped my tears an jumped from my bunk the 1st rule i learned from being in jail is you never let them see you cry . I made sure my face was clear before i went out. The guard guided me to a room a minute later Falisha walked in.

I mugged her

Falisha: how you been?

I just looked at her

Me: i been in here for a month what happen to gettin me out

I said annoyed

Falisha: sorry Latoya i been side tracked lately

Me: side tracked? You been side tracked. ...... you were never side tracked when you helped the boys

Falisha: i been hanging out with trey lately

Me: you been hanging out with trey .... his baby mama the one that got me in here an your so busy with him i wanna get out of this bitch i got kids

Falisha: well.........

Me: well what

She sat there quite


She was pissing me off at this point

Falisha: well since i took time off it's gonna be longer and they might take me off your case

Me: wtf Falisha really your gonna do that to me you know what could of happened if you took time off i know you would of never did that shit to the boys

I flipped the table and my chair an walked out slammed the door . This is all star fault thats another reason i cant wait to get out of here i walked to the phone and again tryed to call dj an this time he answered i was gonna cuss him out but i knew if i did that he would hang up

Dj: hello

Me: dj let me talk to my girls

Dj: why should i you anit bein no mother you got yoself locked up

Me: how dare you say that to me im a damn good mother an im in here for some shit i didnt do.

Dj: it dont matter lay you not here an you anit been here for a month

Me: dj you know the situation

Dj: well its to late they only know me an Zarea

I hung up he wasn't gonna let me talk to them anyway i know mia got my back tho . I got even madder he got my kids around another bitch since i been in jail people been doing me wrong they gon see a whole new latoya when i get out of here.

Jay's p.o.v

It was me an tiff we were trying to get more people on Lay's case we know falisha been off her game cause every time we meet she with trey

Tiff: what about him

She showed me a picture of a guy case worker

Me: nahh he anit no good

We went through a whole stack of people but one person stood out

Me: bae look

I showed her the picture an she looked from the picture to me

Tiff: what

Me: him we can get him he good i know

Tiff: well call

I called and talked to him for about 30 minutes he agreed to do it the earlier court date he could schedule was 2 days from now i was about to call the jail but lay was already calling

Me: heyy sis

Lay: jay i swear when i get out of here im killin everybody

Me: lay yu cant talk like that in jail but i was just about to call i got good news

Lay: you got the girls with you?

She said hopefully

Me: nahh dj holdin em

I heard her sign through the phone that's one thing i like about my sister she cares about her kids

Me: but the good news i got is i got you a new case worker you can drop Falisha

Guard: TIME

Lay: i dropped her already but thats good i got a new one when's my court date

She said not listening to the guard

Me: 2 days an i know you gotta go so love you ill see you in to days

Guard:  i said TIME

Lay: love you to jay

I was about to hang up but i heard lay say


then the phone hung up i just.laughed lay is somethin else i know She wants to get out of there

Dj's p.o.v

My mom been askin about lay so i have to make up something i took the girls with me over to her house.

Mama: heyy dj heyy my grand babies

They smiles and hugged her

Me: yall can go in the back yard and play

Mia mugged me an walked to the back with Destiny on her heels

I sat on the couch next to my mom

Mama: how you been

Me: good wau

Mama: i been good just missin everybody wheres latoya

Me: she left

Mama: left where why didn't she call me

She checked her phone for calls an text from lay but there wasnt any

Me: she just left the girls been stayin with me

She looked surprised and shocked

Mama: it just seems like you wont find the one

Me: i think i have

Mama: an who is she yu got her around the girls an i haven't met her yet

Me: ill bring her by tomorrow an you an dad can met her we can go out to eat or something

Mama: ok ill call you ..... and to think i liked Latoya she let me down i cant believe this

I hate lieing to my mom but it's best right now

-Sorry for mistakes

- there might be another update tomorrow just because it Halloween

- i want my readers to go read "A Girl Name Carter by statbeauty110

- if you haven't read undercover love by shey_flawless

go read that to they both good

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