To late or nahh

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All that was goin threw my mind was how i was gonna get there in time an what we was gonna do with her parents and how she got to the hospital.

Me: what we gon do man

Jay: try to get there in time

Me: what about them to

Red: ill take em to the trap an tie em back up an meet yall at the hospital

Jay: alright let's go


I had just finished the nursery an i was hot so i got in the shower but first i put jayD in the room an gave him his toys and locked the door like always.

I was in there for about 30 minutes cause it was hard with my belly in the way i got out an wrapped the towel around me well tried because it was a small towel i went in the room an seen him playin with his toys.

I put on my bra an panties i put on a white sun dress but one that goes to my knees an a jean jacket i left my hair wet an put some product to make it say curly an not get frizzy.

I put on some sandals its not gonna be rainy this week anymore so i have to change my going home outfit i took it out an put put a white tank top an a jean jacket an colorful shorts an white Jordan's i zipped it up an put it back in the closet.

I picked jayD up an took him to the kitchen an sat him in the chair an gave him some fruit cause he loves it i sat across from him an took a picture an put it on instagram. I got a whole bunch of likes an comments like he got so big. An aww he's so cute i thanked them an we down my instagram liking some stuff .

........ started kicking but not hard

Me: jay you wanna feel her kick

He jumped down from the chair an put his hand on my stomach an she kicked he layed his head on my stomach an put his arms around me i had to take a picture i took one an put the caption as 2 of my babies ❤. They all seemed to love that picture to .

Me: you done eatin

He nodded i took the bowl an ate the rest then put it in the sink i cleaned up the house with out help from jayD as usual i hope his girlfriend's like to clean......... wait what am i saying im his only girlfriend.

JayD walked in the living room an i followed behind him he climbed on the couch an i grabbed to remote an turned on Disney channel an layed down she started kicking instantly an moving around i recorded 2 different videos an posted them.

I watched tv with jayD for 20 minutes with him laying on my stomach when i felt sharp pains going threw my stomach


i sat up an held my stomach jayD had a worried look on my face i was debating if i should call a ambulance or call tiff or mama or even lamar.

My water most of broke in the shower when i was pregnant. With Destiny it broke when i was using the bathroom now it broke while i was in the shower an i didn't know either time.

Me: jay call aunt tiff an tell her to come over fast

He grabbed my phone an dailed her number

JayD: aunt tiff come over fast


JayD: something wrong with mommy


JayD: ok

JayD: she comin

Me: go upstairs in mommy's room an get the two bags out the closet

He ran upstairs an i got up an got the car seat that was already down stairs an put my shoes on jayD came downstairs with both the bags on his shoulders .

Me: sat em down by the door

The door opened an tiff walked in when she seen the bags an car seat she started smiling.

Tiff: ima get the bags an strap the car seat in an jayD

I nodded an watched her take the bags an the car seat with jayD behind her after a while she came back an helped me to the car the whole way there i was having contractions.

When we got there i got out an walked in the hospital an tiff got the bags an jayD walked with me.

I didn't even have to tell them i was in labor because i had a contraction an screamed they took me to a room an got me situated.

Tiff: did you call Lamar

I shook my head no an ig she called him

Tiff: he said he's on his way

Me: he better be cause im not havin this baby with out him

I would of never thought i would be having her on mia's birthday thinking of that made me sad because i wish mia was here but im happy because my other baby is coming an i cant wait to see her.


We were on the plane ray red an trey was just sittin there jay was mad because of his parents an i was mad asf because i didnt get my kids back but happy because lay was about to have the baby .

A couple hours later we landed jay called so our cars would be waiting an they were i got in my car jay got in his an the boys got in their's red took jay's "parents"  an took them to the trap an we all went to the hospital.

We got there an asked for her room number they gave it to us an told us we couldn't go in unless we were related to the baby jay said "shit ill go to the waiting room that shit nasty " they went to the waiting room an i told her i was the dad an they let me go up there .

When i got to her room i opened the door an heard lay cussin out the doctors


everybody looked at me lay went from mad to happy

Lay: hurry up an come over here so i can get this baby out of me

I went next to her an held her hand after alot of pushes i was convinced the baby was out an i had some broke fingers i cut the umbilical cord.

I heard her cry's they cleaned her off an handed her to lay an she started crying she looked at me an asked me did i want to hold her i said yea an she handed her to me he eyes were closed then they opened an she looked at me.

I smiled i wish everything would go back to how it was when we get them back we out of here

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