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Lay's p.o.v

I slept for a long time i really didn't get much sleep when i was in there when i woke up the girls were still sleep i kissed their foreheads i wanted to cry i missed seeing their face every time i woke up. I got out the bed and brushed my teeth i put my hair in a neat ponytail and took off my clothes i slept in and walked to my closet.

I put on some skinny jeans and an tank top and jean jacket i looked in the mirror at my self i changed a little from being in jail i looked at every part of my body my eyes landed on my belly i instant got scared and nerves i didn't have a flat belly it was getting bigger. I always had that big ass jump suit on and i never noticed.

I woke up the girls and got them ready then drove to the store i picked up about 15 pregnancy text and got them McDonald's i sat out their food for then at the table turned on the tv and got a plastic cup then took the bag up stairs i locked my self in the bathroom i peed in a cup and put each pregnancy test in the cup for as much time as i needed.

I walked back and forth in the bathroom for about 15 minutes before i looked i know if i am pregnant im not showing that much but i know my body. i couldn't take not knowing anymore i walked over to the test there was 7 digital and 8 one's that have the + and - they all read...........

Jay's p.o.v

Im glad my sisters out i want to take all of them out to eat but lay anit been answering the phone.

I got the twins ready while tiff was making breakfast i helped them get on the chair and put their plates in front of them me and tiff sat on the other side after everyone was done tiff washed the dishes and i turned the tv on heaven sat on one side of me and nevaeh sat on the other side of me. Soon tiff walked in and sat on the other side of the couch

Tiff: mommy don't get no love

Nevaeh hopped down and sat on her lap the door bell rang i got up to open it and it was lay and the girls i hugged her an let them in lay sat next to tiff and nevaeh and destiny sat on Lay's lap mia sat on the floor between Lay's legs.

Me: i called you but you anit answer

Lay: it's been a long morning

Me: well i was sayin we could go out to eat later

Lay: ok

She pulled out her phone and started calling somebody she moved Destiny off her and walked to the kitchen a couple minutes later she came back an said she would be right back we nodded an she was out the door.

Lay's p.o.v

I went to lamar's house hopefully he didnt think i forgot about him

When i got to his house his car was in the drive way i got out and knocked on the door he answered an just looked at me then moved so i could come in i walked in and sat on the couch and waited for him to sit down when he did i stared talking.

Me: how you been

Lamar: i should be askin you that ma

I signed

Me: i haven't been good but ill be alright

Lamar: wassup

Me: where's jayD

Lamar: in the back sleep i went and got a DNA test

Me: really what did it say

He shrugged

Me: why you shrug yo shoulders what did the test say

Lamar: i don't know i anit open it yet

Me: you want me to open it where is it at

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