Not again

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1 month later

Lay's p.o.v

I finally went to the doctors an the said i was 2 months in jail i was pregnant and i was in there for a month and its been a month so thats 2 .

Me and lamar still talk were actually closer dj doesn't call me anymore and im glad. The girls still havent met lamar yet but they keep asking about him so im taking them to meet him today There excited.

Tiff's p.o.v

After the wedding tht was supposed to happen me and jay spilt up now we coparernt don't get my wrong i love jay and i want to work it out but i think there's something he's not telling me.

I was doing Nevaeh's hair because i just got her out the bath heaven was already ready after we went to mama b's house shes been doing good since she's been home.

Me: heyy mom

Mama b: heyy how you been how's lay

Me: im good lay is lay

Mama b: i haven't seen her in a while how's the baby

Me: good an growin lamar been goin to appointments with her and takin care of the girls im happy for her

Mama b: im happy for her dj could of had a good girl you know he tryed to bring that Zarea girl over here i kicked her ass right back out they anit been back since

Ik she was mad because she cussed and she never cuss

Me: you know dj he know he did wrong by lay id know why he keep tryna play like he dont want to be back with lay.

Right after i said that dj walked in with a little Zarea bitch

Dj: ma dont be mad we not stayin long

Mama b: you can stay but yo little hoe for the week cant

I tryed to hold in my laugh

Zarea: what's funny

I looked around to see if she was talkin to me

Me: you talkin to me

Zarea: obviously

Me: its gon be funny when i beat yo ass if you keep talkin to me crazy dj you better get yo little side bitch before i do

I said calm i don't got time for her petty ass

Dj: Zarea calm that shit alright

I looked at Zarea with a grin on my face because she was mad at dj for tellin her off

Zarea: whatever

Dj walked to the kitchen and zarea was right behind him before she was around the corner she rolled her eyes

Me: that's it

I got up and walked to the Where she was

Me: wanna keep rollin yo eyes

Dj: mann Zarea what i tell you they already don't want yo ass here

Zarea: but i don't like her

Me: idgaf ( i don't give a f****) what or who you dont like you better recognize who you talkin to with yo bald headed ass

Zarea: bitch i got hair

Me: where cause id see non

She stepped in my face an i punched her i fought her till i saw blood and dj just watched

Me: you think dj care about yo dumb ass well he dont but i know you gon stay wit him anyway cause you a dumb bitch

I walked upstairs and got the girls ready and we left i went to Lay's house yall know i had to tell her what happen

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