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I forgot if i made a name for dj's girl so now its zarea it's like zar-e-a and i haven't been putting off writing i wrote a whole charter and it deleted so thats why it took me so long and this chapter might be short but i wanted to update yall

Lay's p.o.v

2 weeks later

I been in jail for 2 weeks an dj bitch ass wont let my kids see me i call everyday an he dont answer im beatin his ass and star ass dj cause he wont let me see my kids and he got there around a unknown ass Bitch an star because that bitch wanna lie.

Im sick of bein in this jail cell eatin this nasty food an there nasty bitches an to top it off my cell mate it gay she be tryna feel up on me an talk nasty to me an think its cute

I went to the phone an tried to call but he didn't answer i hung up an turned around to see my cell mate candy

Me: man candy get out my face

Candy: why you know you like me

Me: actually i dont no offence but im not gay

Candy : well maybe i can change that

She said stepping close to me i backed up

Me: no i have kids i dont wanna be gay


One of the guards yelled


"Get away from her"

Candy: whatever man i got you when you come in the cell to

Oh god what is she gon do to me i thought while she walked away i was scared at first but. I know i can beat her ass she bet not touch me

I hang around by myself i dont got no friends in here fuck that i just do me we had to go back to our cells i walked in mine minding my own business an got in my bed then i felt candy's hand going up my leg i jumped up

Me: candy dont touch it

Candy: or what

Me: or ima beat the fuck otta you

Candy: i wanna see you try

I jumped down from the top bunk

Me: candy im tellin you dont test me

Candy: i see you anit doin nothin

She said running her hand down my face i punched her repeatedly in her face till she fell i got on top of her and started punching her as hard as i could the guards came in an pulled me off when they pulled me up i stumped on her face probably breaking her nose

They grabbed my arm an walked me to a room and sat me down a women walked in an sat down in front of me

"Latoya Jackson right"

I signed


" why are you in jail"

Me: because my brothers baby mama said i kidnapped there son but i didnt they were arguing so i took him to my house an texted his dad an told him that i had him then like 10 minutes later the police were knocking on my door saying i was being arrested for kidnapping

"Why did you fight "

Me: because my cell mate kept touching me an i told her to stop an she didnt

" well you beat her up pretty bad you could be serving more time"

Me: what i can't service more time i have kids an my baby daddy already not bringing my kids up here to see me

"Well you shouldn't of beat her"

Me: you look familiar what's your name

" falisha "

I smiled

Dj's p.o.v

Ik i haven't been takin the kids to see lay but they already hate me so im tryna get on there good side an with them thinking lay forgot about them will help

(Destiny and mia walk in dj an zarea's room)

Destiny: i want to see my mom

I could hear zarea sign

Me: Destiny come here

She came an sat on my lap

Me: your mom doesn't want to see you if she did she would of by now

They both started crying mia came over an got Destiny off my lap

Mia: dont say that mom loves us she's gonna come back for us

She said then took Destiny an they left out of the room

Zarea: they dont know what they talkin about she obviously not comin im their mom now an they better learn to respect me

The door was busted in an mia came in an looked mad an she looked like she haven't even been crying

Mia: first of all you will NEVER be my mom and i will NEVER respect you till you get respect for my mom an sister 2 i do know what im talking about im 8 and i probably know more then you so if i were you i would stop talkin if you were smart you would realize that he

She pointed to me an rolled her eyes then looked back at zarea.

Doesn't even like you but ima let you be stupid an stay with him an i cant wait till he leave yo Dusty self for someone else an have you lookin stupid now dont you ever say your my mom because you will NEVER in your life be me or my sister 's mom dont let me tell you again

She walked out and slammed the door

Zarea: who she think she talkin to

Me: you obviously

I put my hands behind my head and crossed my legs

Zarea: where she get that smart mouth from

Me: her mom Destiny do it to

Zarea: how we gon deal with 2 of em

Me: shit i dont know ig how we been

Zarea: no that's not gon work latoya obviously didn't raise them right

Me: well ig we gotta do something about that cause lay not gettin out no time soon an by the time she do they'll been forgot about her

Zarea smiled then kissed me

Zarea: they'll get it one day that im their mom now

Trey's p.o.v

I didnt even know star called the police on lay but since i found out ima try to get her out, i got in the shower then got dressed i got the key's and was about to walk out

Star: where you goin

Me: to get lay out well try

I could tell she was mad but wasnt trying to let it show, She walked over to me an wrapped her arms around my neck

Star: im sorry i got your sister locked up baby i was just mad at the time

Me: whatever

I said pushing her away

Star: when you get back we need to talk

I ignored her an let i drove to the jail an did what i had to do then got it i was walking when somebody called my name i turned around and it was lay then next to her was falisha i smiled

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