To late

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Tiff's p.o.v

1 month later

We decided on getting married this week end jay still wont let me help but i think its kind of cute he wants to do it on his own usually its the other way around. The only thing im doing is going over the things i know about like where the bridesmaids are gonna stand.

And seating and food just the basic stuff like that i dont think there's not gonna be that many people i know the boys are coming with they girls and kids and my kids and Lay's kids even lamar of course jayD comin. I wish dj would step one foot in them doors and sit his happy ass down ima break his neck.

Lay been happy i can tell and i dont need dj messin shit up for her she been though alot with these stupid ass boys but Lamar he the one i like the most. Shit i been through alot with the twins dad while i was pregnant now shes pregnant i hope dj dont try no dumb shit even though he dont know.

Lay's p.o.v

Me and lamar been doing good we been hanging out alot an he makes me happy i want the girls to fully meet him but i don't know yet maybe it's to early.

My belly grew a bit but not that much i keep thinking about what im having i haven't picked out a name yet i might let the girls name the baby.

My phone started ringing i answered it without looking

Me: hello

"Wassup lay"

Me: why you callin me dj

Dj: i wanted to see how you was doin an the girls

Me: we're fine now is that all you wanted

Dj: i wanna see em

Me: you really gonna ask me that you will be lucky if they ever see you they dont even like you dj when i was locked up you didn't let me see them so why the hell would i let you see them.

Dj: cause they my kids

Me: you sure don't act like no dad got yo lil side hoe for the week disrespectin my kids she should of been the one gettin her ass beat like star

Dj: mann lay calm yo ass down

Me: or what

Dj: you know what i do i could have you gon right now

Me: and if you do that they wont be with you just know that but do what you do

I hung up dj don't scare me if he didn't know by now this baby is the only reason why his lil girlfriend for now anit got her ass beat she thought she was bout to play mommy she better learn her place and dj just let her i should beat his ass to.

Dj's p.o.v

Lay really be trippin i actually really dont know why i called to see the girls they dont like me like lay said and i wanted a fresh start so let me do that.

I went to my moms i dont like she wanted to let me in at 1st but she did.

Me: heyy mom

Mama b: have you seen the girls or talked to lay

Thts a damn shame my own mom anit wanna know how i been

Me: why would i want to see them kids i said a fresh start and that anit one

Mama b : get smart again dj this is my house and im your mom an a fresh start is not with that fast ass girl Zarea a fresh start would of been with your kids and making it up to them but you hurt them so bad they dont even like you they might love you because you were there in the beginning but i know they dont like you

I could see the hurt and anger in her eyes i hate makin her like this but i keep doin to her i was about to say something but she put her hand where her heart was and fell back on the couch breathing heavy

Me: MA

I ran to her side and she was barley keeping her eyes open

Mama b: call t-t-the ambulance dj

I dialed 911

"911 what is your amergency"

Me: my mom can't breathe can yall hurry the fuck up

" sir please calm down what is the address"

Me: 118 ace

(Just made it up)

" there on there way "

I hung up an called my dad

Me: dad get to the hospital mom is bout to be there

Dad: on my way

I hung up and threw the phone on the couch

Me: ma stay wit me

Her eyes slowly started shutting the door was busted open and the people came in the put her on the stretcher and rolled her out i was right behind her i got in the back of the ambulance after they put her in they started workin on her i sat next to her and put my head in my hands and signed .

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