someone new ???

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Jay's p.o.v

Me: bae who at the door

Tiff: ah dj

I walked to the door an wrapped my arms around tiff

Me: wassup

Dj: mann i gotta talk to you

Me: what cause we anit on that talkin level right now

Dj: ik but this you might wanna hear

Me: nahh

I shut the door but he stopped it i still had my arms around tiff

Me: dj man wtf you want

Dj: nigga i said i gotta talk to you

Tiff: so what i cant know

Dj: oh trust you already know

Tiff's p.o.v

Wtf is dj talkin about he get on my damn nervs sometimes i mugged him an rolled my eyes and went upstairs i went to the twins room an they were sleep i kissed both of them then went to our room an got in the shower. When i got out i put lotion on an my bra an underwear. Idk why but i hate not having a bra on the only time i don't is when im in a swim suit.

I put on some pajama shorts and a tank top and got in bed i was almost sleep when i heard the bed room door open a few minutes later i felt someone get in the bed i knew it was jay i waited for him to put his arms around me like he always does when we go to bed but he didn't i brushed it off an went to sleep.

Lay's p.o.v


When i woke up destiny was on the other side of the bed how she got there i have no idea i got out of bed and went to mia's room an she was sleep i went downstairs and started making breakfast when i was done they were still sleep i made all our plates an sat them on the table i went to my room an woke destiny up.

Me: baby get up so you can eat

She woke up an rubbed her eyes she reached her arms out i picked her up an she layed her head on my shoulder i walked to mia's room an woke her up we walked downstairs an i sat her down next to mia then she sat on mia's lap an ate an i sat across the table.

When we were done eating i cleaned up there plates an the rest of the kitchen. When i walked upstairs mia was dressed but destiny wasn't.

Me: why you not dressed

I asked looking from destiny to mia because mia gets her dressed sometimes

Mia:she didn't want me to this time she said she wanted you to

Me: ok come on

I said with my hand out she got up an grabbed it an we walked to her room it was a cool day to i got her a skirt out an a shirt and her sandals

I went to my room and put on my black leggings an a grey loose shrit that was short in the front an long in the back it stopped in the middle of my butt i went an brushed my teeth an brushed my hair down i put on some perfume and some jewelry.

I walked out my room an downstairs an see them sitting on the couch

Me: what yall wanna do today

Mia: we miss daddy

She said hugging destiny i looked down at destiny an she was crying that broke my heart

Me: aww baby come here don't cry

She let go of mia an ran to me with tears coming down her face i picked her up she layed her head on my shoulder an wrapped her arms around me i rocked her back an forth.

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