Big day

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I know yall sick of my excuses but i been sick and wattpad was the last thing on my mind but since im not at school im gonna update.

My profile picture is tiff

Same day

Tiff's p.o.v

All of us are getting ready at my house i told them to bring all their stuff over an they did so were getting ready lay starting getting ready but then she sat on the bed pouring an crying cause she cant drink.

Me: lay come on it will be alright i wont drink either if you dont want me to

Lay: no this is your day you can get drunk if you want i might as well not go.

Me: what it's my party the day before i get married yea you goin so get up and go get dressed

i said walking into the bathroom and continuing to curl my hair. 

When i was done i put on some makeup not alot just a little then i walked back into the room her ass was still laying there but now with a big ass bag of chips

Me: latoya Jackson get yo pregnant ass up and go get ready

Lay: i dont wanna

She said whinin

Lay: i just want to go to Lamar an he can rub my back and my feet an tell me im not fat

Me: what you need him to do that for i can do that ......... but not right now get up

She bucked at me i hit her on the side of her leg an told her to get up again i walk to my closet an got out my black party dress it was fitted and went to the middle of my thigh and my black heels i took off my robe and slid the dress on and my heels i let my hair down and sprayed perfume.

All of us except lay was in the living room we all just got down here an they were telling me how i looked cute . They gave me a black and white bachelorette ribbon that goes over your shoulder (yall know what im talkin about)

A couple minutes later lay came down stairs lookin a hot ass mess

Me: ah lay what the hell you got on

Lay: aww you look cute tiff

She said coming up to me hugging me

Lay:ok let's go

She said walking to the door but nobody followed her

Me: lay you anit goin no where wit me lookin like that

She had on a long ass dress to her damn ankles and her hair was only curled in certain places sorry to say but she looked like that girl in the scary movies with the white dress and black hair covering her whole face

Only you could see her face and her hair isn't  black. She looked down at her outfit then back to me and signed.

Me: come on

She put her hand i grabbed it and walked her upstairs to my bathroom and straightened her hair and put some hoop earnings and eye liner and lip gloss on her then i took her to my closet and got out a black fitted one shoulder dress and some heels a long necklace.

I sprayed some perfume on her and stepped away from and looked at my work i did a good job she looked cute i took her into the bathroom so she could see her self when she did she started crying ughh her hormones.  She was hugging me an telling me thank you.

We went down stairs and piled into the limo.

Jay's p.o.v

Me and the boys are at the club not the strip club just a club i had a few drinks but i think the boys is havin more fun then i am I just took a shot then i heard the dj say

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