ill always love my thug

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this is the sequel to do I want a thug if you haven't read it go read it first.

*2 years later

lay's p.o.v

its been 2 years alot has happened mia is 8 jayden is 2 an Destiny is 2 im 20 an dj is 21

they are getting so big I love them more than anything in the world everybody thinks destiny an jayden are twins so I just tell people they are.

dj wasnt the father of makayla's child or anybody elses he was happy cause he didnt want anything to get in the way of tryna get me back an nothing did so were back together i could tell he was upset a little but he got over it .

An everything's been good we tell each other everthing an there's no secrets between us, we do everything together.

and dj an mama B are talking again I didnt know she told him if he didnt get me back not to come back to her house.

but there close again now

of course me an dj live together he didn't ask or nothin he just started bringin lil things everytime he would come over an he got all his clothes an stuff he was still comin.over everyday an stay the. night an oneday he just never left.

me an makayla fought but fr this time because she wasn't pregnant cause she already had her baby. she was talkin to much stuff an when we fought her friend jumped in so tiff jumped in we messed them up. but she dont mess with me no more cause she know wassup.

jay's p.o.v

the twins are 2 an tiff is 20 an im 21. me an tiff engaged we gettin married in 2 weeks we got engaged last year an the twins are the flower girls an her an lay want to plan the wedding it's. gonna be big i told them they can get what ever they any an i would pay for it.

dj's p.o.v

i finally got my baby back me an makayla dont talk no more i had to cut that bitch off i was pissed when i found out that the baby wasnt mine but i was happy because that was less thing out of the way of me gettin lay back.

i want us to have more kids together one day an i plan on purposing to her soon.

jayden is my lil nigga he gon have all the girls i love all my kids jayden already protectin them if ah boy walked past them he was on they head mia an Destiny dont like when he do that but i do its funny to me an lay thinks its cute.

red's p.o.v

if you wanna know what i been doin ill tell you. i been at the trap an wit my girl, we been together for a year an a half she want to have a kid but. iont know about all that right now maybe sometime in the future but so kids for me no time soon

trey's p.o.v

Khalid 2 now he a good kid but me bad at times me an star got married everybody was there all our family an friends star was so happy speakin of star shes pregnant again i hope its ah girl star does to. shes only 2 months so we got to wait a while before we find out.

ray's p.o.v

me an michelle still together an its stayin that way kieara is 2 an she got a smart mouth not to us but to other people that get on her nerves its funny to me.

kieara,mia,destiny,heaven an nevaeh are close if one of us wanna do somethin with they family they ask can the rest of em come they just be leavin lil jayden out but he dont be carin.


who's relatioship do you guys like the best

trey an star

ray an michelle

tiff an jay

lay an dj

ik its short but............................its more to come

btw cover is jay...

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