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Jay's p.o.v

I wish tiff would stop textin an callin that shit irradiating. So i got my number changed she can blow up somebody else phone.

So ima tell yall what's goin on wit me.. im single i got hoes maybe a couple babies on the way but i dought it....... im technically wit this girl but not really she just do what i say i told her she could go but she wanted to stay so shiddd i let her she was just gon be one of my hoes but she want to be my girl but i anit wit all that but since she been thinkin she is she be doin everything for me an i anit wanna do it anyway

But yepp thats it wit me im baby free worry free.

Tiff's p.o.v

I left the hospital they told me i still have cancer but for some reason they said everything that was happening to me stopped but it could start again.

I tried to call jay but somebody else answered the phone sayin they just got that number so basically he got his number changed so im done tryin.

When im gone he gon wish he talked to me i never did anything wrong to him never. Cheated or nothin but he wants to get made at me an leave i should be the one mad im takin care of twins by myself they always ask where he is but i have to make up something. Every time. An im tired of lieing to them.

In a minute ima just tell them that he's. Not coming back but i know that would hurt them an thats the last thing i want to do.

This is the hardest thing to do because they love him now they real dad is dead an i though i could have jay to step up an be there.

but i knew from the beginning a man cant want to take care of another mans baby especially twins but i been doin it on my own an i can keep doin it cause i cant worry about him i gotta worry about my kids.

Lay's p.o.v

I need mia an Destiny there all i think about i take care of jayD an i love him but i need my girls dj been here. Trying to help i just wish they were here an we could all be a family. I been.thinking about tiff an the twins to its just a lot goin on an its to much stress.

An we only have each other cause jay still not around i don't know what to do, i cant move because i still have to find the girls and tiff is tio sick an if i go somewhere she goin wit me.

Unknown p.o.v

I don't like tiff or lay i could of gave lay her kids back ah long ass time ago but i just dont want to i want to make her suffer cause i dont like her an i see its hurtin her an its just makin me happy maybe she'll leave everybody alone an mind her damn business.

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