Same ol mia

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Since my phone wont let me show yall pictures ill just keep changing my profile picture right now it's lay

Dj's p.o.v

The girls dont like Zarea. And idk why but she's not going anywhere so they need to get used to it .

We were all in the living room watching tv zarea was laying on me and Destiny was laying on mia

Me: what yall want to eat

Mia: i want whatever she dont ........ i want fish

Me: mia you know she allergic

Mia: so she don't have to eat

Zarea: look little girl your gonna respect me you know im allergic to fish so why would you tell him you wanted it

Mia: im not gonna respect anybody that's not respecting me thats what my mom always told me and i said it because god gave me a mouth and i can say what i want to say

Zarea:  well idc what your mom said she's not here is she. ..... no so that means you listen to me and your dad got it

Mia: no

Zarea: dj do you want to get her before i do

Mia: i wish you would

Me: mia go to your room

She got up and Destiny got up with her Destiny shook her head at me and kept walking. .......... this is gonna be harder then i thought

Tiff's p.o.v

We changed the date of are wedding so many times but since lay is in jail were gonna wait until she gets out I'm gonna go over the last few touches with her .

The kids are at mama Brenda's house and its just me and jay we were laying down on the bed talking i had on a sports bra and shorts and jay had on basketball shorts he was laying on my stomach and i was rubbing his head.

Jay: when you think Lay's getting out

Me: idk but i hope soon i miss her

Jay: me to and dj probably brain washin the girls

Me: their probably not even listening to him well mia's not Destiny probably just follows mia everywhere

There was a long silence then jay shot his head up

Jay: tiff

Me: what

I said looking at him with my eyebrow raised

Jay: are you pregnant

Me: no why

Jay: cause i thought i heard something in your stomach

Me: jay you stupid you just scared me then you gon ask a stupid question do i look pregnant

Jay: no but you didnt look pregnant when you were 1st pregnant with the twins

Me: jay im not pregnant

Jay: wanna change that

He said looking at me

Me: no

Ik jay wants to have a kid of his own but that's 3 kids and he's 21 and doesn't have any thats came from him idk why he doesn't want to wait

Jay: why you know i want more kids

Me: ik you do but wouldn't you want to wait until the twins are older

Jay: I've been waiting a long time and im ready

Me: but im not and were about to get married you cant wait a little longer

Jay: how much is a little

Me: idk a couple years

Jay: that's not a little while longer tiffany

Me: it is for me

Jay:  but its not just about you it's about me to

Me: but more about me i have to carry the baby and the twins are enough for me right now i could see if there was 1 but its not its 2 and their only 2 years old id want my kids close to age like that

Jay: so if you were pregnant what would you do

Me: what do you mean what would i do i would keep the baby

Jay: then whats the difference in making one

Me: the difference is the baby wont be formed because they wouldn't be one

Jay: you got a answer for everything

Me: ik

I smiled he kissed me then layed back on my stomach. ... why he trippin i might be but im not gonna take a test

Lay's p.o.v

I know falisha she's the one who always get the boys out of trouble if something happens or they get there slefs into something dj would get his self caught up when we were together an thats how

Me: you dont remember me

Falisha: of course i was just waiting for you to figure it out

She said smiling i hugged her then sat back down

Me: so are you gonna help me

She gave me the "your really gonna ask me that " look

Falisha:  why wouldn't i. You did mess her up pretty bad but i might be able to figure something out for you

I smiled big

Me: thank you i can't wait until i get out of here

Falisha: im sure but there's one thing it might take a while not a long time but there a whole process i have to do

Me: ok just as long as i get out

She smiled and i smiled back she said i could go i got up and was back to leave

Falisha: stay out of trouble Latoya

Me: i will thanks again

She nodded i walked back to my cell an layed down all i could think about was how I'm gonna get out and back to my babies

Trey's p.o.v

I waited outside the door while they talked an when lay walked out she didnt see me i walked into the room and sat on the other side of the table of falisha

Me: so how you been

Falisha: good how have you

Me: good until star got lay locked up for something she didn't do

Falisha: im sure your here to see what you can do

Trey: yea

Falisha: well she's in good hands i think i got it

Trey: if i can help just call me

I gave her my number an left

Boring i know just wait on it

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