jail time

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Tiff's p.o.v

Me lay the twins mia and destiny are all trying on dresses the girls are trying there's on 1st idk what color i want so its all different colors the girls came out and there dresses were fitted at the top and loss at the bottom nevaeh had on a pink one heaven had on a a white one

Destiny had on a yellow one and mia had on a red one

Me: i like the pink and black one

Everybody: me to

Mia: i cant get giggy wit this ishh

She said making a face looking at herself in the mirror

Lay: watch yo mouth

Heaven: i dont like this mommy

destiny: me either

Lay: well were getting the black and pink one's

After the girls were done me an lay tried on dresses she had on a dress that was more black but had pink in it so they all wouldnt match she decided to get that one i put on a strapless white dress of course and it had diamonds and stuff at the top and had a little train

I showed them

Everbody: not the one

I nodded i want a long train in the back and little diamonds at the bottom everywhere and on the top to i told the lady and she went to the back an came back with one

" i think your really gonna like this one"

She smiled and gave it to me i went and put it on then showed everybody when i walked out there mouth dropped and they started smiling i looked in the mirror and i looked beautiful i love this dress it's everything that i wanted

Me: i love it

"So is this the one"

I nodded they all clapped an smiled i didn't want to take the dress off i wanted to keep it on after a while i took it off we payed then left .

We went and got somethin to eat them back to my house when we walked in the boys were sitting on the couch they looked at us

Trey: i see you found dresses

Us: yepp

Jay: what color

Nevaeh: pink and white

He looked from her to me

Jay: you bout to have us wearin black and pink

Me: what's wrong with that all yall need is like a black suite and a pink tie or somethin it will be fine

Jay: iight love you

Me: love you to

I went over to him and sat on his lap an kissed him

Lay's p.o.v

I watched them kiss and be so in love with each other i wish that was me and dj i think i want him back. ..

I felt something hit me i looked down and it was a box of tissue i looked up and seen trey

Me: why you throwin stuff

Trey: i been callin yo name and you anit answer

Me: oh my bad wassup

Trey: did you go grocery shopping

I smacked my lips

Me: no and if i did i wouldn't tell you

Trey: mann why you gotta be so rude

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