Back to old ways but a new Dj

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1 month later

Tiff's p.o.v

I went to the doctor an they said i have cancer but they dont know how bad it is i didnt want to know what type so i Don't know if my hair is gonna fall out or what.

I been worrying an depressed all week i gotta think about my babies an what's gonna happen to them if my time comes. I haven't told anybody yet maybe it'll go by an ill be fine.

Lay's p.o.v

I finally found out about my parents an my kids they won't tell us where then are an we don't know where to look so i just had then finish them i been mopping around the house since that day i haven't talked to anybody but when i found out that that's why Lamar wasn't at the hospital i tried to talk to him but he didn't want to hear it.

An i haven't seen him since but guess who i have seen yepp dj he been here an he's been helping with lalanii an lamar hasn't been around so dj helps with him to i don't know where were goin with us an i dont know how my feeling are him.

I'm not about to jump right into being in a relationship with him but maybe on down the road when i see how he's really changed an if me an Lamar don't work out. I'm just sick of people coming in my life an leaving. An as for zarea i don't know what happen to her DJ don't either.

I had to stop jay from killin DJ because he was mad at DJ me life is more messed up an confusing as it's ever been i wish i had real parents to talk to about things.

Dj p.o.v

I know yall think im frontin but im not i actually did miss lay an the jayD an the girls i hope she'll give me another chance but for right now im tryin to show her how im tryin to change.

I even been gettin better wit lalanii an jayD i have no problem wit him cause i already know what he like. I cant believe lalanii an mia got the same birthday i hope we can hold our self together if mia not her an lalanii birthday keep comin an my baby Destiny i miss her like crazy to she only 2 goin threw so much shit.

All i hear from lay is " i cant even imagine how mia real mom feel about me right now i promised to take care of her an where is she at i dont even know i let her down by losing her baby"

It's hard hearin her say that i try to tell her it's Alright an some times she drops it some times she don't.

Jay's p.o.v

I got my spot back yall thought i wasnt gon get my spot back did yall well i did i got my boys back an i got my money i been missin my family but i know that tiff probably dont want me back so im not even gon try.

Ill stop by for the twins but as for us ion think thats gon happen.

We gotta get ready for this drop we got are all black an suited up we got in two different cars an drove to the place we did the knock an they opened the door. Trey had the drugs in the duffel bag they lead us to this room an tyrese was sittin in his chair.

He turned around when the door opened

Tyrese: you got the drugs

Me: you got the money

He reached down an pulled up ah duffel bag an opened it an the money was in there i opened our bag an showed him the drugs we exchanged bags an trey took out his gun (one that didn't have sound) an shot him i got the money an he got the drugs.

We walked out the room an started shooting everybody in sight we ran to the car an start drivin away wit the rest of my boys behind me they start shootin an we start shootin back. My boys behind me spoon off the road but we had to keep goin.

We made it back to the trap an put the money an drugs away we pasted the floor waiting for them to hopefully walk in about 30 minutes later.

Me: mann i thought we lost yall

"You know i anit goin no where nigga"

He dapped me an i dapped the other boys

Me: how yall get away

" after the car spoon off the road we got out an start shootin till we killed everybody got one of they cars an came here"

Me: yall in for the next one

"Hell yea"

Me: alright yall get yall cut then yall can leave im out

I dapped all of them then went to my house got in the shower an went to sleep

I know its short

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