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Sorry for mistakes an the longest wait i just been going thought some stuff an need

Next day

I layed in the hospital bed almost sleep when somebody came in. I looked an they were bringing lalanii In i used the remote an sat the bed up.

The nurse took her out an handed her to me

" we can do her birth certificate today because you were really not in the mood yesterday i might be a nurse but you can talk to me"

Me: we can it was just that my other daughters birthday was yesterday an her an my other daughter were kidnapped

I put my head down an covered my face an started crying i felt somebody rubbing my back but i didnt look up after a while i did an it was my nurse.

"Im sorry to here that do you have a picture of them maybe i could help"

I got my purse an got my phone out an went to a resent picture an showed it to her

"Oh my gosh their adorable "

I smiled an thanked her

"Ill be back im gonna go get the birth certificate "


She left an i picked her up she was wide awake with her fist in her mouth smiling.

The nurse walked in with papers

"That's the smile i like to see, ok let's get started what's her first name"

Me:lalanii (dkingrob but changed a little)

"That's pretty and the middle name"

Me:ann (chadaeangel)

"And last"


Yes i wanted her to have lamar's last name but we can always change it but this was it's respecting dj an saving a argument with lamar for her having dj's last name i don't know if i want Lamar to sign the birth certificate cause 1st he not really her dad an what if we dont work out she's gonna have a boys name she doesn't even know.

"Is their anyone that will be signing this"

Me: nope just me

" ok an would you like a "my first foot print" picture "


She put this black stuff on the bottom of her feet while i held her up an put one foot at the bottom but in the middle an the other one next to it.

"Now all you have to do is wipe it off the best you can most of it will come off the rest will go away you don't have to worry "

She handed me a wipe an i wiped it off both her feet

"I have good news"

Me: really what

"She can wear clothes now"

I smiled i been waiting to put her in her outfit cause all she been wearing was diapers

"Do you need me to hand you your bag"

Me: yes please

She handed it to me i got out a diaper an the wipes an her outfit an socks and hair stuff yes she has a head full of hair. I feed her first then burped her an changed her then got her dressed an put her socks on .

I got her head band it was one of those wide head bands with a flower on the side i brushed her hair then put it on i smiled because she looked so cute. I layed her on my chest an just layed there then got my phone an took some pictures an put them on instagram i layed her down an took a whole body picture an posted that to.

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