Whats wrong

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Just realized i put her middle name as Marie in the last chapter but its ann

1 week later

I been thinging if i should tell dj but all these things keep goin threw my head about how he would react if he would want to be there or if he wouldn't want anything to do with her but i think he should know even if he's not gonna be there.

Me jayD an lalanii all went to mama's house she was cookin an jayD was playin in the back she got done a while ago an was holdin lalanii there was a knock at the door

Me: who is it


I looked at mama an she nodded an told me i have to tell him sooner or later

Me: what about his girlfriend

Mama b: she dont got nothin to do with this baby this is between yall

Me: but she turned him on mia an Destiny so what makes you think she won't do it to lalanii

Knock knock knock

I opened the door an seen dj he just looked at me for a minute then walked in i wonder where his girlfriend at.

Dj: heyy mama

Mama: heyy boy

Dj: who baby

I looked at mama she knew i was lookin at her but she didnt look at me because it would be obvious.

Mama: um-

Before she could finish jayD came runnin from the back an jumped on me i picked him up an Dj just stared at him i sat on the couch with him on my lap

Dj: so mom who baby

It was quite

Me: Dj can i talk to you for a minute

Dj: for what

Me: its important

Dj: alright come on then

We went upstairs to one of the guest rooms he sat on one end of the bed an i sat on the other

DJ: so wassup

Me: well you know its been along time since we seen each other

He nodded

Me: an alot has happened, you remember when i was in jail

He nodded

Me: when i got out i found out that i was pregnant

Dj: why you tellin me ol dude the dad right

Me: no

I looked down

Dj: then who is

Me: you

Dj: why you just now tellin me this shit

Me: because i didnt want zarea to turn you against the baby like she did with mia an Destiny

Dj: i see where you comin from......... what you have well what WE have

Me: another girl

Dj: fr man wassup wit me an girls i.been wantin a boy

Me: that's what i said

Dj: so where lil mama at can i see her

Me: of course you can see her she is your daughter

Dj: so where she at

Me: hold on

I went downstairs an got the baby from mama

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