Let me explain

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Tiff's p.o.v

My cancer not gettin no better i been coughing up blood an everything i had to tell marco cause he kept asking me what was wrong i can up with every excuse but he wasn't buyin it so i had to tell him.

It wasn't easy either i cry every night because i might not wake up for my babies an their left with nobody i been thinking about writing my will but i just can't do it. Im gonna fight this till its gone so i hopefully wont have to write it for a lot of years.

lay's p.o.v

As you already or should lamar still gon an dj still here we still not together but I can see us getting back together soon I mean if he feels the same way today we goin to mama's house she don't know about the lamar an dj thing an she hasn't seen lalanii in a long time.

Me: you ready jayD

JayD: where we goin

Me: grandma's house

He smiled an nodded

Me: you ready Dj

I yelled upstairs

Dj: yea hold on

Me: hurry up

I took jayD to the car an laylanii an waited for Dj slow ass i turn on the music an only came on wit nicki minaj an jayD start singin it i turned around so fast ima kill Dj ik its his fault.

He walked out an got in the passenger side an i stared at him till he looked at me

Dj: what

I turned the music down so he could hear jayD singin the song all he did was turn around an dap him

Me: no dont dap him he dont need to be singin this song

Dj: what he anit learn it from me


Dj: ok he did im sorry but i anit think he was gon learn it that fast

Me: mhmm whatever

I changed the song an drove to mama's house we all got out an Dj got laylanii jayD went to the door an knocked on the door i walked on the pourch an she opened the door she look from me to jayD to lalanii then dj her eyes got big.

Mama: what he doin here

Me: long story

She moved an let us in an ik what yall thinkin how you want to be with somebody an they ex took yo kids an you dont know where they at well because he didn't know an ik he loved the girls an jayD zarea just got to his head im not jumping into anything with him right now but yall gotta see where im comin from this my one an only baby daddy an that's all i want to have an i want my family to work.

We sat down on the couch jayD sat on my lap an dj took lalanii out an sat next to me we explained everything to her an she understood but she still mad about the girls bein gon an not back yet.

We stayed over there she introduced us to the little boy she watch he 4 him an jayD get along so good. We were leaving but jayD wanted to stay an mama said it was ok.

We went to tiff house to see her but she wouldn't answer the door an i left my keys at home dj was hungry i told him i would cook but he wanted to go out to eat.

After we sat an ordered lalanii start crying i took her out an rocked her

Me: make her a bottle

He looked at me like i told him to do the hardest math problem

Me: what

Dj: nothin

He took her bottle out an grabbed her water

Me: you dont know how much she drink huh

He shook his head

Me: 4oz

Dj: where you see it at

Me: look around the bottle

He turned the bottle around like 5 times before he seen it

Dj: lay i cant read that shit the numbers to small i can't see it

Me: here

I handed him lalanii an poured the water an put the formula in an shook it he gave her back an i feed her. A little while after they came back with our food but i was still feeding her so she just sat it in front of me.

When i got done feeding her she went to sleep i put her in her car seat i looked over an dj was almost done he so fat i swear. I started eating an he had finished an was just staring at me an i know that means he ready to go.

I rolled my eyes and asked the waiter for a box, i put my food in there an dj grabbed her car seat an strapped her in i think that's the only thing he know how to do smh.

When we got back to the house i gave lalanii a bath an put her in her crib then got in the shower for 30 minutes i put on a tank top an some pajama shorts an got in the bed i don't know where dj went cause he dont sleep in here wit me.

Tiff's p.o.v

I heard somebody knockin on the door but i was to weak to get up an answer it i think i really need to go to the doctor. I already forced myself to write my will, marco been staying over helping with the girls he keeps tellin me to go to the doctor an that he'll take me but ik all im gonna hear is bad news an ion wanna hear that.

But i will go if it means i can be here for my kids i guess sometimes in life you gotta do things you dont want to.

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