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lay's p.o.v

it's been a week since jayD left an dj the girls always ask about him an want to see him but he doesn't answer his phone or come see them idk why but it makes then cry there selfs to sleep an id like it but there's nothin i can do so now im raising the girls on my own i know i put him out but that has nothing to do with the girls he left them AGAIN .

jay an tiff an the twins always come over i miss jayD so bad. they told me i cant have an connection with him i can't talk to him or anything an they dont tell me anything about him.

I just got done doin destiny's hair i already did mia's an she was dressed so i just had to get destiny dressed.

After i got them dressed i made them something to eat while they ate i got dressed by the time i was done they were done eating i cleaned them up then we left.

*At the mall

I took them to the mall because i needed to get them some stuff ever since jayD left i been sad an not really paying attention to them alot so today is just gonna be about us.

We went into kids foot locker an i got them a couple pairs of shoes that they wanted then we went into most of the clothing stores and they got alot of clothes.

We took the bags to the car and i got the stroller out because i knew destiny was gonna get tired. We went to the play area they had for kids an destiny played but mia stood by me. While destiny was playin me an mia started talking.

Mia: mom

Me: yea

Mia: are you ever gonna have another baby

Me: i want to but id think that's gonna happen

Mia: why

Me: because im not with your dad or anybody else an id want to be with anybody right now

At 8 mia knows way more then she should but i cant help that she knows what's going on around her

Mia: well if you do they won't replace jayden

She said then looked away, that made me sad

Me: mia none of the kids i have in the future are gonna replace him he's the only boy ...... an one of a kind

She turned to me an smiled i looked up an destiny was walking towards us rubbing her eye's

Me: you tired

She nodded i picked her up an we started walking around the mall an she ended up falling asleep so i put her in her stroller. Mia got some more stuff from the store's we past an i got destiny some cute stuff.

We didn't get anything to eat because i want to take them out today an if they eat again there not gonna be hungry.

*at the restaurant

We took the stuff we got from the mall home now were out to eat we went to applebees's are food already came an we were eating me and destiny were on one side an she was on the outside.  mia was on the other side.

Destiny: mommy look

I looked over but i didn't know what she was talkin about she got out the seat an an started running.

Me:mia stay here

She nodded i got up an ran the direction she went but when i seen who she ran to i stopped.  She was standing there talking to dj he was on one side an a girl was on the other . Dj looked at destiny like he was shocked he looked up an when he seen me he just stared .

I looked away from him an looked at destiny an the girl dj was with was talkin to her an touching her i walked over there an picked up destiny.

Me: um don't touch my daughter i don't know you

Girl: oh well sorry

I nodded. And turned to walk away till dj called my name

Me: what dj

Dj:why you actin like this

When he said that it made me mad cause he know why

Me: what you mean why am i actin like that we got our son tookin an early at that because of you an then you leave me....... when i really need you an you wanna say why am i actin like this its because of you...... you dj you say you love you but you keep leaving me with you kids two girls dj its hard ..... an im doin it all on my own with out you. ..... that's why im acting how i am cause im tired.... tired of you.....tired for your lies.... you keep leaving the kids they cry there self to sleep every night an when they wake up they ask me mommy where's daddy an what am i supposed to tell them dj ...... huh what an i supposed to tell them you keep hurting me and them an i cant take it anymore just leave us alone don't call me its not like you have been dont come to my house stay gon stay where you been.

At this ponit i was crying i love dj an i cant believe it had to come to this. I walked back to where we were an there was a note on the table it was from my weightier

She said i didn't have to pay for the food . I got. All of our stuff an walked out destiny put her arms around me an mia grabbed my hand.

*At home

I already got the girls in the bath an there sleep in my bed i got it the shower then got in the bed in the middle destiny climbed on top of me an i put my arm around mia .

I cried until i got a headache and eventually went to sleep.

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