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Ok so i forgot i said they were getting married in two week in the 1st chapter so im changing it to next week in the book im talkin about. Jay an tiff if you forgot.... im gonna talk about in this chapter

Dj's p.o.v

Ik i messed up wit lay bad i hate seein her cry but it's just to much goin on an the girl i was with was some girl i just meet an it was like when he an lay just meet she's. A virgin. Like lay was an has a past like lay did ig it's like a fresh start just starting over.

Id want to hurt my girls but i just feel like this is what's best an i don't want to bring them around my new girl cause it's to early an judgin how both of them act like lay they just not gon like her just because.

So for now im keeping my distance i been doin drops alot it brings money an thats what i need. I anit been to my mom house in a minute so i drove over there when i knocked on the door she answered with a smile on her face

Mama b: where ma grand babies at i miss them

She said still smiling looking over my shoulder trying to see if they were coming

Me: well hi to you to mom

She smacked her lips

Mama b: hi boy

She moved an let me in i sat on the couch an she shut the door

Mama b: where they at

I signed

Me:we not together any more

Mama b: what you mean what happened

Me: it wasnt her it was me

Mama b : boy im not gon keep tellin you. ... i raised you better then this you keep leavin this girl with your kids i already told you about this an let me guess you got another girl dont you

I nodded

Dad: what's goin on in here

Mama: well yo big headed ass son still think he's a teenager  playin games an anit growin up he left latoya again with the girls an got another girl

My dad looked at me an he looked furious he pointed towards the stairs an i already knew what that ment i got up an went to his office i sat in the chair an he sat across from.me

Dad: explain your self

Me:it's just to much goin on an i want a new start

Dad: dj there is no new start when you got kids...... it's time to grow up your not a teenager any more you cant just go from one girl to another when you want a "new start" that's not how it works in life specialy when there's kids involved lay might not bring the kids back over here because of you ....  me and your mother didn't even get to spend time with jayD before he left because of you..... look at your life son you had it all an you messed up again an ima tell you right now they anit all like lay is you might of just lucked out.

He said then looked at me then got up and left i signed an thought about what he said but it's to late lay doesn't want anything to do with me an I'm sure the girls don't either

So there's no sense in me trying to get her back everybody's trying to make it seem like i messed everything up an it wasnt just me all that stuff that happen with me an lay when we went to the carnival an she told another nigga she was pregnant before me.

An so did tiff she probably anit told jay neither smh if jay still talkin to me ima tell him shit he need to know.

Tiff's p.o.v

" nevaeh can you stop touchin everything please"

She started laughing i shook my head at her an smiled i picked up my phone an texted lay

Me: heyy

Lay: heyy tiff

Me:  wyd i anit heard from you in a while

Lay: alot been goin on

Me: in all ears well you know what i mean

Lay: well when i took destiny an mia out to eat destiny seen dj an he was with another girl an she started talking an touching destiny so i picked her up an told her not to touch her when i was walking away dj called my name an i said what an he said why are you acting like this an that made me mad so i told him off an started crying and were not together any more

Me: oh wow he want me to kill him dont he

Lay: yepp ig lol


Lay: lol ik me to

Me: he anit gon be seein this heaven when i get through wit him he an gon it .... while he floatin to heaven little pieces of his soul just gon be droppin an by the time he get to the gate he just gon be gone.

Lay: you is to much

Me: did he ever tell you why he did that stuff at the carnival

Lay: nope

Me: smh

Lay: but it's what ever i don't care anymore we over

Me: i think you should give him time but i g2g nevaeh gettin into stuff again

Lay: ill think about it an ok the girls are probably hungry

Me: love you

Lay: love you to

I put my phone down an picked up nevaeh an took her into the kitchen an sat her down heaven walked into the kitchen an stood next to nevaeh i got then a snack an they ate it jay came downstairs an sat at the table an got on his phone

Me: you doin somethin later

Jay: nahh why

Me: just askin

Jay: oh

Me: so about the wedding you know-

Jay: tiff i told you all you need is a dress ok i got everything else

I smiled

Me: ok but i want to do something it's my wedding to

Jay: i know what you could do

Me: really what

Jay: be there

I smacked my lips

Me: well of course ima be there

Jay: alright if you wanna do something you can write out where everbody gon sit an send out the rest of the invites

Me: ok i can do that

Jay: well get started you only got a week

I was gonna walk upstairs but jay called my name i turned around an walked to him

Me: what

He poked his lips out i smiled an kissed him i can't believe im about. To marry the love of my life in just one week ...the kiss deepened but we pulled away when someone knocked on the door i opened it an it was dj

To be continued


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