Right decision?

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lay's p.o.v

(i keep writing jay but dj is the cover i keep forgetting)

you'll probably wondering how im not pregnant or had another kid already the only reason is because i got this thing that you get put in your arm so you cant get pregnant for 2 year an its been 2 years so about next month it will be worn out im still thinking if i should get it again or not

but anyway everybody is at mama B's house cause she invited everybody idk why she wanted all these people at her house but she does.

all the kids are playin an all of us is sitting in the living room just talkin an drinking but not alot an everybody but star an i didnt drink i just dont like to.

we all became close over 2 years because the boys wanted us to be but all the girls is real cool. i got up an went in the back yard to see what the kids were doin or course all the girls were playin together an jayden an khaild was just sittin down chillin.

i walked up to mia

me: were gonna be leaving soon


all of the kids said

kieara: can we swen the night

me:i dont care you have to go ask your mama an daddy's

they all got up an ran in the house i could hear them all asking at different times i just laughed an shocked my head they all came runnin back to me

"they said wae"

they said at the same time it was cute

me: ok well you can play for a little while longer

i said then walking over to jayden an khaild

me: khaild you wanna spend the night to

he nodded

me:ok go ask

he got up an ran off

me:did you have fun


me:that's good

khaild came back an nooded they all ate then we left. when we got to the house i gave all then a bath then put a movie on the the theater room in the house an gave them some candy an popcorn.

i went to our room an dj was just gettin out the shower he had his towel wrapped around his body an water dripping off him an as you see in the cover how he look imagine him with water dripping off him........nvm dont think about my man like that.

dj:like what you see

i nodded

dj:come mere

i walked over to him an he grabbed my waist an kissed me we fell on the bed he started kissing on my neck

me: dj we can't do this its kids here

dj:they don't know whats goin on

me:it doesn't matter


he said kissing me then putting on his clothes i layed on the bed an dj came an layed his head on my stomach

dj: i cant wait till next month

me: why nothin gonna happen

dj:yea it is

me:ok if you say so. move real quick

dj:where you goin

me:to check on the kids

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